by Nell

Hello, I have been using progesterone creme for 8 months now with 100 mg daily. I'm 43 and periods are erratic. It's been 2 months without a period and hot flashes have returned after being absent for a while. I did take dim with calcium d glut for 7 months and then stopped being afraid that I wiped out all estrogen low enough to stop having a period. I know there are misconceptions about hot flashes and it's told its due to low estrogen when in fact it could be due to high. I understand this and have read so much on this website.
In my case though is it possible you feel it could be low estrogen? I am in Peri M but it takes estrogen to bring on a period and I haven't had one in 2 months and flashes are back. I increased dosage to 4 pumps daily of natpro to equal 400mg as suggested by the website starting2 days ago. It's alot of creme to apply at one time. Can I apply this to my calves, feet, bottom, tummy area? It's alot of creme to spread.

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Jan 04, 2023
by: Joy

Hi Nell

You are in Peri-Menopause (PM), a torrid time for most women. Monthly periods become erratic with heavy bleeding and clotting as well as Hot Flashes etc. Progesterone helps to get one through this and prepare one for Menopause.  A missed period for 12 months puts you in menopause. During PM progesterone levels drop sharply while estrogen remains the same causing an imbalance. Hot flashes require 400-500mg progesterone per day, every day with no breaks, for about a week.  Longer may be needed, it all depends on how severe they are. Once they clear, slowly reduce the amount of cream to a level that suits you.  Use half the amount of cream in the morning and the other half at night. Or split up and use through the day. Experiment, see what works best for you. Never use progesterone once a day as this will cause levels to spike.  The idea is to keep progesterone levels stable at all times. Please read the How to use Progesterone Cream. The cream can be used all over the body, even hair follicles absorb progesterone well. Insert some in your vagina at night.  This is actually the best place for absorption.

Have you considered having your hormones tested? This will show you what your ratio is between the two hormones.  The ratio should be 600:1, see here.

What is your Vitamin D3 level? A deficiency will reduce the benefits of progesterone.

Jan 08, 2023
by: Anonymous

Vit d is on good range. I take 5000 iu daily. No I haven't had a Saliva test. Do you think its possible I have low estrogen? I have been on 400mg progesterone for 5 days now. Flashes are the same.

Jan 10, 2023
by: Joy

Hi Nell

Optimal vitamin D3 range is between 70-100ng/ml.  If your level is within that range then continue with 5 000iu's daily, plus the cofactors.

I can't say what your levels are or will be.  A test will reveal this.  Between 400-500mg Natpro daily.  It can take anything from 4 to 10 days, but usually by the 5 day one notices a difference.  If D3 is not optimal this reduces the effects of progesterone which will have an affect on the Hot Flushes.

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