Need your wisdom

by Trisha
(Chouteau, ok , usa)

Hi Wray,
I am 43 yr old and know the I am in peri - menopause... But , about 4 yrs ago ...I didn't have a period for 6 months and thought maybe I was going through menopause. I finally went to dr. Had blood test performed on several hormones. My thyroid was low ( t-3 and t-4), estrogen was normal and testosterone was low end of normal . I have had several cortisol test and each test has changed ( improved for the better ... Took dr Wilson's adrenal rebuilder for a yr or more) my progesterone must have been low because the dr gave me a script for micronized progesterone ( 165 mg) twice a day without a break through the cycle. It started my cycle again... But since that time my cycles have never been regular. I will say that the progesterone did help with irritability !!
So, four years later... Still taking oral progesterone ( been adding 200 mg progesterone cream) daily and having issues! I have been having two periods every month. They aren't extremely heavy, although I do have more clots now that ever before! My breast become sore and my fingers swell..
I know that thyroid issues can cause your periods to become sporadic, but all my levels are within range. So I don't think it's that! I guess my questions are this: do you think taking the oral progesterone has cause the receptors to down regulate and if so should I take a break? Or should I be using a higher amount of progesterone cream? I think I should be ....but I would like to glean from your wisdom and hear your suggestion.
By the way I do take 5000 units of vit-d, dim , calcium D-glurate , taurine other vit and herbs .

Thank you for listening :)

Blessed One

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