need to feel better for my baby!

by heidi

Hi Wray,

Thank goodness for all of the wisdom here. I hardly know anything about progesterone, but as I go to doctor after doctor, they seem to know less.

I have suffered from what I now think was depression since 20. Mood/anger/outbursts/anxiety/obsessing over things that bother me. My husband and I tried to conceive for nearly 2 years. I spotted every cycle for a week leading up to my period. I always felt angry and terrible from ovulation on. Now a little background info about me, is that I had a stressful childhood with lots of adrenaline and anxiety.

I finally asked for progesterone despite my reasonably normal progesterone level on blood work. While taking it for 3 cycles, (prometrium 200mg) I actually felt good! It was like I was relaxed but almost woozy sometimes. Well, 3 cycles later, we conceived. My OBGYN wanted to take me right off but that didn't make sense to me. I declined because I said that if it was truly lack of progesterone why I conceived then I need to stay on it until my placenta starts producing enough 2nd trimester to support this pregnancy. We did that and despite an occasional spotting during pregnancy, it was very routine.

I actually loved being and felt really good pregnant! (which to me confirms I must've been low prior as well as actually conceiving) I wanted to continue to take it after delivery for fear of postpartum depression but my doctor declined and said he'll send me to a psychiatrist if I happen to feel depressed after delivery. I should've went with my instincts and ordered yours anyway. I definitely don't have the terrible postpartum depression psychosis I read about, but I do feel like I always have before pregnancy with the addition of having extreme sadness at times about wanting to change how things were with my birth. (epidural last minute because I was panicking from pain during the transition phase-felt extreme adrenaline, how my doctor treated me in the hospital, visitors bringing toddlers and in-laws over staying their welcome and boundaries--all unnecessary stress) I want to go back and re-do it. But I can't so I am learning to be content in all things and love my experience because of my incredible little miracle I am head over heels in love with.

New blood work shows my progesterone is 0.39 but I am breastfeeding so I don't know if that is normal considering. I started taking 50 mg a night of natural progesterone cream and felt worse--quit on day 3. But I read all about that on your site and know it will get better if I persevere through it. However, the cream had sodium benzoate which I've found out is a carcinogen--so a hormone disruptor? I want a cream I can trust.

I want to order natpro and start on 100-200mg but will that stop my milk supply since its so high? Please advise what I should do and if you think this is even what I need. Is there anything for adrenal support? (I currently take 10,000 iui of Vit D. B complex, cod liver oil, organic food based prenatals, magnesium and probiotics)

Also, I've heard about depression from weaning? Can you give me a heads up about that as well in your response so I can be armed.

Please, please help me. I want to enjoy this time in my life more than anything in the world, but no one around here is educated!

Apologizing in advance for a poorly written question--my sweet little 7 month bundle, is squirming and crawling all on me, and "talking" and "singing" :)

Blessings to You!

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Mar 18, 2015
need to feel better for my baby!
by: Wray

Hi Heidi Bless you for the kind words. I'm so delighted you made your own decision about using progesterone, it only goes to show. I'm also so relieved you didn't listen to your obgyn about stopping it once pregnant, how daft can you get! I'm sorry you went through that time after giving birth, it's so important to be relaxed and happy and not stressed out. Progesterone won't stop the milk flowing, see here. We also have a page on Pregnancy with more info. If you're ever concerned about the ingredients in your skin care, please see the Skin Deep website. I'm so pleased you're taking so much Vitamin D, no wonder your little one is "talking" and "singing". It's vital for a healthy baby. If your cod liver oil has high vitamin A in it, please be cautious, it blocks the uptake of vitamin D. Rather take vitamin A as beta carotene, or eat liver occasionally. There are some women who suffer depression on weaning, it's not often though. I didn't and yet I had bad PND. You might like to see our page on Anxiety for more info. There are a number of nutrients which help, not least of which is vitamin D, progesterone too of course. Take care Wray

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