Need Help with Balancing

by Pam Beauchamp
(Big Spring, Texas)

I finally have got my order for Natpro in. I don't know how long it will take to get here.

My story: I am 61 and had a total hysterectomy at age 27. I have been on HRT since then.

I went in search for balance and was placed on bio identical estrogen (Biest) testosterone, and oral progesterone. I continued to test extremely low for all three of the above. It did not work. I was again placed back on the Climara patch .05. It works, but I need progesterone. My Dr. can't seem to get me balanced. So here I am asking for help with balance.

How much Natpro should I use with the Climara .05?

I don't know my values exactly as they have only said, you have the hormones of a 90 year old.

I don't understand the chart that is provided for how much Natpro to use, and I see others don't know either. Please can I get some help with that too.

I see that Natpro can be a diuretic, and that does concern me with dehydration. It can happen to me very quickly since I am outside a lot.

Your help would be greatly appreciated. I hope to get an answer before my Natpro gets here. Also, can you tell me when the Vit. D cream will be available. Need to purchase more vit. D but would like to wait until I can get this one.

Thank you,


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Aug 23, 2015
Need help with Balancing
by: Joy

Hi Pam

Wow you certainly have been posting all over the place. Most of your questions I replied to last year so will not repeat them again, and I have explained how the conversion measurements work on my Facebook page already.

As mentioned before, no women should take extra estrogen, neither should any form of oral progesterone be used. You will remain in a permanent state of Estrogen Dominance if you use Climara and progesterone, unless you use an high amount of Natpro to counteract it. I am really not surprised that you doctor can't get you balanced. To be told that you have the hormones of a 90 years old is unacceptable, it's important that you know your levels exactly so that a ratio can be worked out. I will email you some info on how to wean off HRT, which I highly recommend.

After the results of a survey conducted, it was decided by Organic Products that the Vitamin D Cream would not be available to order on the website at this stage. I have asked the webmaster to remove that from the website.

Aug 26, 2015
Reply to Jo
by: Anonymous

Replying to Jo. Jo, I did not see your comments last year due to the fact I gave up since the NatPro was not available. I finally got some and forgot about comments from the site for such a long time. I finally got one tube, which obviously is not enough for me. I will order some more if available. We shall see how this goes. I did get the dosing figured out, but I see I am not the only one that has trouble with the dosing issues. So very sorry about you repeating yourself, but I did not see them. I really want to try, but just confused about some things with the product. One concern is how it affects cortisol since my cortisol has been low for such a long time and we finally got it up again. I will keep trying.

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