Need help with balancing my hormones

by Maggie
(Palm Harbor, FL, US)

Hi Wray,
I first started with Bio-Idenitcal Hormones when I had my hysterectomy in 1999 they left my ovaries in but the right one has dissapated since. I was put on capsules, Tri-Est 2.5 mg and Progesterone in Oil 50 mg. In 2009 I was laid off my job and lost my health ins and the Dr. I had that worked with these for me relocated somewhere else. Needless to say I have been trying to deal with this now on my own for 3 years and still having issues. I now take 1 of the New Phase Complete tablets once a day and I use Life Flo Prgesta-Care body cream and rub 1 pump into my stomach or top of legs each evening before bed.

I am still having issues though, vaginal dryness, hair thinning, brittle nails and very tired, occasional hot flashes but not too bad. I guess I don't have this balanced correctly. I am soon to be 50yrs old and need help. Do you have any suggestions for me ? I came across your website while searching the web for help on this.

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Jun 27, 2012
Need help with balancing my hormones
by: Wray

Hi Maggie If you are using only 1 pump it's giving you 20mg/day progesterone. I've found this amount usually worsens symptoms. It doesn't even raise it to levels found in the luteal phase, even 40mg/day doesn't. I go into this on our Progesterone Misconceptions page. I've found 100-200mg/day is needed, often more initially. It is dependant on symptoms and how much excess oestrogen is present. You might like to read our page on Menopause too. Many women use the cream in their vaginas, it's excellent for inflammation. We do have a page on Hair Loss and Hot Flushes too. The tablets you're taking contain phytoestrogens, although they are weak oestrogens, they can still activate the receptors. We get more than enough in our food too, see here, and here here. I feel you need to increase the amount you're using substantially, but please read our page on Oestrogen Dominance first. Take care Wray

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