Need help understanding how to figure out ratios

by Bea

Hi Wray, after being tested at 37 and found to have very low progesterone levels and estrogen dominance I began taking Natpro (which btw is by far my favorite)at 100 mg a day. After seeing how much it irradicated my anxiety and PMS I decided to stay on it daily and have now been using the cream daily for the past two years.I told a roomate of mine about it and she showed me this article expressing her concern. After reading it and how upset this doctor was about this ladies numbers I remembered how you said it takes some women to have ratios of progesterone to estrogen of 600 to 1 to feel well. I tried figuring out what this ladies ratio was that he was so upset about and came up with 56 to one? Is that right? Im really not good at these things but really want to figure this out to be able to take care of my own health and not have to worry so much about others objections to what is making me feel well.I also know this would be hard to predict but for a 40 year old woman with rapidly declining progesterone levels would 100-150 mg a day raise levels to an approximate 600 to one if the woman felt very good?I am just preparing myself if I get a hormone test with my doctor so that if he tries to scare me into believing my levels are too high that I will know its actually optimal levels.I mean I feel way better so I have a hard time seeing where the harm is no matter what my ratios are.Here is the link and I apologize for posting something with such a link but I didnt know how else to get my issue across without including it.Feel free to delete it from my post after you take a look at it if you wish. Thankyou so much for your help!

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Oct 30, 2015
Need help understanding how to figure out ratios
by: Wray

Hi Bee There is a lot of scaremongering. When you think Dr Dalton gave amounts of 2400mg/day to her patients with post natal psychosis, and over 1200mg/day are given to men with Traumatic Brain Injury, you do wonder where they get their info from. For instance on the link you gave he says..... "I can tell you that I rarely find levels of estrogen that out of the normal range in my patients." They very rarely are! What he hasn't mentioned, is the ratio of the two hormones. Although he does say the level of progesterone might be too low to counter the oestrogen. I have found over the years that the amount of progesterone in ratio to oestrogen is not the critical factor, but whether symptoms have gone. There's little point in continuing years after symptoms have been alleviated with very high amounts of progesterone, it becomes far too costly. I have used progesterone as I see fit, I've used up to 2000mg/day for a few months due to stress. But now I use far less. Incidentally that chart he gives is very wrong, The route is far more complex, and oestrogen, apart from a small amount of de novo oestrogen, is always converted from testosterone, see this correct chart by Genova Diagnostics. Progesterone levels can be very high, but I have yet to see or hear of any adverse effects. You might like to read this page on Progesterone Tests. Take care Wray

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