Nausea and diarrhoea after using Natpro

by Karen

Hi, I am 44, had saliva tests done a while back which showed low progesterone and high testosterone (have thinning hair/facial hair/acne) and have been using 150mg of Natpro cream for little over a week and have been experiencing awful stomach cramps, bloating, nausea and now diarrhoea. I can see in the list of side effects that bloating and nausea are common to begin with but no mention of diarrhoea, which is very debilitating. I noticed that the cream has vitamin E in, and have had diarrhoea before in a supplement that has vitamin E in. Could this be the cause? Any advise please, as I am desperate to find a solution and not quit another cream!

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Mar 13, 2023
Nausea and diarrhoea after using Natpro
by: Joy

Hi Karen

Progesterone can cause upsets when first using it as stated on the website. This should soon pass. It can take 2-6 months before the body adjusts, longer if adverse symptoms are severe.  You may also experience some Estrogen Dominance symptoms while the body adjusts. Please read the How to use Progesterone Cream page for the correct use of Natpro.  Take note that it should be used no less than twice a day.  Half the amount in the morning and the other at night.  This enables progesterone levels to remain stable at all times. You are also in Peri-MenopausePeri-Menopause which is usually a terrible time for most women. Usually more progesterone is needed, but you will have to experiment to see what works for you best.

Thinning hair, facial hair and acne are classic symptoms of high testosterone levels.  Higher testosterone is also associated with an increased risk for Insulin Resistance, which causes fatigue and weight gain.  Women make more testosterone than estrogen each month, but luckily most of it is converted to estrogen. But the more testosterone we make, the more estrogen we make. If bound to SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin) testosterone becomes inactive, progesterone raises levels of SHBG, see here,so preventing the rise of free testosterone and severe PMS. Once progesterone becomes dominant things should improve.

What is your Vitamin D3 level?  A deficiency reduces the benefits of progesterone and is connected to every single functioning cell in our bodies making it vital.

I can find no evidence that vitamin E causes nausea or diarrhea.  However, perhaps you react to vitamin E as you experienced diarrhea before using other products.  Try to preserve and see if things settle down for you regarding your nausea.

Take care.

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