Nature's Balance until Natpro is available

by Emily Anne

I wondered if the ingredients in Nature's Balance Progesterone cream are 'more or less' okay until Natpro is back in stock (which will be SOON hopefully)!

It does seem to help me but am concerned about the safety of taking high doses of it:

Deionized water, Coconut Oil, Ceteryl Olivate, Stearic acid (from palm oil), Citric acid (from citrus), vegetable glycerine, progesterone, Populus Temuloides (from pine bark)

WHY do they have to add all this extra STUFF to it anyway?


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May 07, 2016
Nature's Balance until Natpro is available
by: Wray

Hi Emily Anne I really appreciate your patience and support over this trying time. We are hoping the lab has finally fixed all the glitches. They told us on Thursday that they were busy filling the tubes and were going to send them off yesterday to the fulfilment house in Michigan, the lab is in Arizona. So it shouldn't take too long to get there, although there is a weekend. The cream you are using is certainly one of the better ones. The ceteryl olivate and the stearic acid are emulsifiers, the first from coconuts, the next from palm oil. Citric acid is a natural plant acid used to adjust the pH of the cream, we find we don't need any additional ingredient in our cream, the pH is fine. Glycerine is a harmless product extracted from vegetables or animals used as a sweetener, an humectant and much more, we used to use it but have found it unnecessary. And finally Populous Temuloides is actually from aspen bark and is the natural preservative we use. Take care Wray

May 07, 2016
by: Emily Anne

Thanks Wray,
I have to testify that Natpro is THE ABSOLUTE BEST, but until it's available it's good to know I can use Nature's Balance at higher doses without fear.
I can usually tell almost immediately if it is working, at least if I'm in particular need of it.
My sister has PCOS and I recommended to her to take Progesterone but she said it didn't seem to work for her. I suspect she never took high enough dosages. Anyway her acupuncturist has given her some kind of herbal thing for her PCOS and she seems to be slowly improving after 6 weeks. We can always tell when the estrogen is high because our hair gets more curly. Lately her hair is straightening out a bit and the facial hair is less, and the fat around her stomach seems to be lessening as well.
I saw the acupuncturist for the first time today for my adrenal exhaustion and he said my body was 'weak'. The acupuncture really relaxed me, then he gave me these pills which were to help with both the adrenals and also digestive issues. He was fine with me continuing on the Progesterone.
I'll let you know if the pills do anything for the adrenal exhaustion.


May 11, 2016
Herbal Remedy contains Dong Qaui
by: Emily Anne

The Nature's Balance seems to work quite well, but it is still expensive compared to Progestacare-Nature's Balance contains 1,000 mg. per 2 ounces and Progestacare I believe 1800 per 4 ounces. The first is around 28 dollars and the second 24. So I'm going to give it a try. I'm assuming that I can use as much as I want of these, just as the case with Natpro.

My herbal formula didn't work so well-turns out it contains Dong Quai which is said to be a photoestrogen.

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