natural progestrone for endo cyst

by jennifer

I had been suffering with endo cyst in the left ovary and had surgery twice to remove them and they kept comming again imd. I also developed focal adenomyosis /intramural fibroid , which they cldnt differentiate in usg . I am 32yrs and unmarried and want a family . So I was recently put on oral progestrone 300mg slow release . I was asked to use it everyday for five months to stop ovulation and shrink the cyst and the bulky uterus . I started the first dose after ovulation and all the pms went away in a day . I felt so good , and in a week I started spotting . So the docyor increased the dose to 600mg. This stopped the spotting, however gace me lots of breast tebderness which I cld not bear . The dose was decresed to 300mg and thenext day I got my AF. While still taking it everyday non stop. The dictor said it may be the withdrawal due to decresing it suddenly. The bleeding was quite heavy for a week and stopped. I tuk 300mg throughout the cycle also . Now after the bleeding stopped I am having severe pain, pricking sensation on both my ovaries and also near the uterus. I am still on 300mg everyday . I am confused if it is helping me or making things worse . Shld I increase the dosageor stop . I dontget the cream in my part of the world hence on natural progestrone pills . Plz advise . Will it help me. I am at wits end . I want a life back . Also want to mention so far I had been on this protocol for a little more than a month. Wld it take time .

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