Natural Progestrone Creme Significantly Reduced My Hotflashes

by SG

Hotflashes for me and other premenopause symptoms began it seemed like someone turned on a light switch. After many months of little sleep... I became irritable, anxious desparate feeling. I realized as I threw my covers off, peeled my pj's off only minutes later to have to cover back up, that I was not getting any quality sleep. It was awful.

For at least 8 months I had endured the intrusion of hotflashes and my periods became little or nothing. I did see a gynacologist for a pap and told her of my symptoms. When she asked how severe are my hotflashes, I really didn't know how to repsond as that topic was never a part of one I ever had with the ladies I knew.

Were my hotflashes and irritability severe compared to others? Were my symtoms average? I did not know and I declined the synthetic pills she offered in hopes to find something natural to help.

I decided for a couple of weeks to log everytime I had a hotflash. This was done so I would have a little more objective information to express the "severity" of my symptoms. Also, if I did start taking something, the log would help me know if it was working or not.

Some of my hotflashes were not recorded simply because I was driving or preoccupied in a way that I did not get them logged, but that really does not matter because the number I was able to log was significant enough. I was logging about 27 hotflashes in a 24 hour period. I was miserable. Many nights I would log a flash, then 20 minutes another flash, then maybe 45 minutes another flash. That was when I was trying to sleep. I logged my hotflashes for two weeks.

During this time I was searching the net to learn about this phase of my life and to see if there was anything I could do naturally to alleviate the hotflashes so I could at least sleep. That is when I read about natural prgestrone creme. I bought the premeasured type in small little plastic viles with the twist off top.

It was surprising to see no intructions on some of the differnt brands to select from. I needed to be confident to use this. I did not find information about progestrone, how to use it, how do you know if you are taking too much, all in one place but had to search. I found in one place how much to use and another place where to apply it.

The results amazed me and I am serious. The very first night after a day of two doses of the natural progestrone creme, there was a three hour period during the night that I did not log one hotflash. The second night I was even more amazed when I had not logged one hotflash in an 8 hour period.

Some days went by when my husband made a comment saying, "hey, I noticed you are not fanning yourself during the day and you're not throwing the covers off at night." It was THAT big a change.

Weeks later, in the late morning, I found myself snoozing in my recliner. I could NOT seem to shake off this drowsiness. It felt so good to sleep. I was sleeping so well thru the night but then soon after getting up I wanted to snooze some more which I let myself get by with for a while but then I found I was not getting anything done as I was sleeping my days and nights away.

One day as I kept trying to wake myslef up from my sleepy my dreams I was asking myself, "Why am I sooooooo sleepy?!"

My eyes shot wide open as I remembered one of the many different pages of informaiton I had read about the natural progesterone creme... it almost seemed as a side note in an article. In someone's article they had listed, side affects to too much progesterone. I finally found it again and sure enough down past the middle of the list was the word, drowsiness. Oh my Gosh I thought, I am overdosing on this progestrone creme.

I cut out the morning application and just used the night one. That helped, but I found myself still sleepy a lot so I quit using it for the time being. Surprisingly the hotflashes did not come back for quite some time and months later, I do get some hotflashes but their intensity is mild, bearable and do not usually wake me up at night. I am not using the creme since the hotflashes deminished but I have noticed a significan thining of the hair in my hairline. Now I am wondering if I need to take that same creme to stop the thinning of my hair... I have not determined what to do about that yet. My mom's hair is very thin and I notice my sister two years ahead of me is thinning as well.

I have not had a menses in many months but this week, much to my disappointment, I did start. Good thing I hung onto my feminan items a little longer as I almost threw out my supply some days before.

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Jan 30, 2010
Natural Progestrone Creme Significantly Reduced My Hotflashes
by: Wray

Hi SG. It's good to hear your hot flushes were helped with the progesterone. They certainly stopped mine. I must reassure you that our cream comes with full instructions, plus our web site which you've found, has more info on how to apply, where to apply, the dose, in ml and tsp for European and American customers, what symptoms to expect when first using it and more! I've not found sleepiness a problem, and I've been using about 170mg/day for 14 yrs now. In fact it cured me of the chronic fatigue I had.

Thinning hair in peri-menopause/menopause is caused by excess androgens, these are made from excess oestrogen. Progesterone normally reverses this. You could also take inositol, 2000mg/day, this helps considerably. Plus 2000mg/day N-acetyl cysteine, the hair, nails and skin comprise about 14% cysteine, which makes them strong and healthy again. Peri-menopause is a trying time! Please see this web page on it. You might like to look at this page too, as you're almost in menopause.

Progesterone is very beneficial for ageing too, please see the following papers:
Paper 1
Paper 2
Paper 3
Paper 4
Paper 5
Take care, Wray

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