Natural progesterone therapy with chance of pregnancy?

by Blue

I'm 34 years old and we have been planning for a baby for some months. I was worried if everything was medically ok with my husband and I and decided to do a blood test as suggested by my doctor.

It was a shock then when I got the blood result that I may have signs of POF. We went to a fertility clinic to discuss further the options and it's not promising. It was suggested we either had an egg donation or adoption as the best options. I've had an Ultrasound test and the current cycle does not look good but the doctor said that the last cycle seems that there was ovulation. I have since read more information about POF and so far I can say that I don't have or did not notice any of the symptoms. For example, I still have my monthly period, I have not noticed any irregularities for the last 3 months, I even recorded my base temperature and ovulation seemed to have occured with the elevated temperature.

I wrote the same concern to another website whcih deals more specifically with POF and it was suggested that I consider natural progesterone therapy.

What is your advice?

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Feb 28, 2010
Natural progesterone therapy with chance of pregnancy?
by: Wray

Hi Blue. You don't have amenorrhea, one sign, but could have low oestrogen and high FSH, which are other signs but you don't mention them. You don't mention menopause symptoms, which are still further signs. And yet it appears you ovulate, including a rise in temperature. Ovulation could not have occurred without the egg being primed with oestrogen first, which suggests you do have enough oestrogen. Ovulation itself is prompted by LH, which would therefore appear normal. And a rise in temperature would not have occurred without a fully functioning corpus luteum. Quite frankly I would certainly attempt natural conception, before going for oocyte donation. Even if a woman does have POF, she may still conceive. And it was definitely POF in their eyes, and not PCO, which is occurring increasingly now? There is strong evidence PCO is caused by oxidative stress, and the antioxidant amino acids arginine and N-acetyl cysteine are given to correct the malfunctioning ovaries, which they do. They say the cause of POF is 'idiopathic' meaning they don't know! It could well be POF is also caused by oxidative stress.

Progesterone is used during oocyte donation, first priming the endometrium with oestrogen and then progesterone. Here are two studies...
Study 1
Study 2

If you want to take this further, please contact me via this link. Take care, Wray

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