Natural progesterone cured me of adenomyosis

by Nina
(Vancouver, British Columbia)

I have been suffering from endometriosis since 1995, when I was first diagnosed. Then in 2003, I could not work and live normally as I was suffering from anemia, prolonged menstrual periods, extreme pain and excessive bleeding. In 2004, I was properly diagnosed with adenomyosis through the MRI. I researched on the condition and found out that it was caused by excessive estrogen in the body and natural progesterone is a hormone balancer that will treat if not cure it without going through hysterectomy as my doctors suggested.

I thought that I had nothing to lose, so I bought the natural progesterone from eBay, making sure the product I got was Dr John Lee's specifications. I avoided the food and chemical products that increases the estrogen level in the body and started applying the natural progesterone cream on the skin on designated areas of the body where it is absorbed most. Almost immediately, I felt better. My next menstrual period wasn't as much pain and bleeding and wasn't as long as it was before. My condition improved significantly from then on.

To this day, I am asymptomatic of adenomyosis. I have a normal life with a full time job. I feel healthy and happy to say that my doctors found out through CT Scan that the condition had degenerated and they do not think I need surgery or further treatment. Needless to say, I will continue to use natural progesterone for as long as I live.

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Dec 19, 2008
Natural progesterone cured me of adenomyosis
by: Wray

Hi Nina. This is such good news, thank you for sharing it! There are several published research papers showing the benefits of progesterone, but it seems the information has not reached the ears that need to know. Drugs or a hysterectomy are the only options offered, such a pity. Take care Wray

Jan 27, 2009
Every women needs to know about progestrone
by: dr nimmy

I was diagnosed with adenomyosis when I was 27 years old. I underwent several treatments including taking GNRH, hormones etc. Nothing helped. In fact it got worse. The series was depressing, hindering my daily activities, my married life... lethargy, weight gain and a lot more problems. It was from the internet I learned of progesterone creams applied topically.

To be frank there aren't many creams available locally except for vaginal gels, micronised forms, suppositories or sublingual. It's worth a try with natural progesterone. You don't lose anything. Good luck.

Oct 17, 2011
Thank you
by: Anonymous

I have read much info. And did not know if this process was actually working.

Sep 13, 2012
by: Mohana Gopinath

Hello Nina,
Even I am having adenomyosis since 2009, still no cure, though doctors have adviced me to undergo hysterectomy, i am scared to undergo. Please let me know where do we get Natural Progesterone from, Basically I am from India.

Thank You very much,

Mohana Gopinath

Sep 14, 2012
by: Wray

Hi Mohana Adenomyosis is caused by oxidative stress, and exacerbated by oestrogen, which is an inflammatory hormone. Plus it's a mitogen causing cells to proliferate. Progesterone inhibits mitosis and it's a potent anti-inflammatory, with antioxidant properties. It's certainly worth trying. We do have a cream you could consider, there's info on this page here. And please look through our pages on How to use progesterone cream and Oestrogen Dominance. Please have a vitamin D test done, you live in India where levels are generally low. This is such an essential nutrient, without it cells malfunction, plus the risk of Inflammation is greater. It's also a potent anti-inflammatory. For more info on vitamin D levels, test kits etc see the Vitamin D Council, GrassrootsHealth and Birmingham Hospital. Blood levels should be 70-100ng/ml (175-250nmol/L) and not the 30ng/ml (75nmol/L) most labs and doctors regard as adequate. The minimum daily dose should be 5000iu's per day, although the latest research indicates it should be 10,000iu's per day, see here. Take care Wray

Oct 13, 2012
adenomyosis and endometrioma
by: liza

thanks for the informative sharing... but i still feel blank on my situation... I have an endometrioma since 2010, since then, I have a regular TVS to monitor its sizes... then during my last TVS, there goes an anterior adenomyosis... and still my OB suggest to wait and observe... I don't know I'm confused..I have pain during my cycles and only drink pain relievers for this... I hope you can help me and enlighten me more on this..

Oct 14, 2012
adenomyosis and endometrioma
by: Wray

Hi Liza Both adenomyosis and endo are caused by oxidative stress. And exacerbated by stress and oestrogen. We do have a page on Endometriosis, please take a look at it. Instead of waiting as your doctor says, why not try progesterone, all the potent antioxidants, and in particular vitamin D. Both progesterone and vitamin D help pain, it's best if you get a cream form of progesterone, then you can apply it to your tummy and any other area that's in pain. For more info on How to use progesterone cream please look through this page. And please have a vitamin D test done. For more info on vitamin D levels, test kits etc see the Vitamin D Council, GrassrootsHealth and Birmingham Hospital. Blood levels should be 70-100ng/ml (175-250nmol/L) and not the 30ng/ml (75nmol/L) most labs and doctors regard as adequate. The minimum daily dose should be 5000iu's per day, although recent research indicates it should be 10,000iu's per day, see here. Take care Wray

Dec 21, 2012
natural progesterone
by: May

Hi Wray,

I have multiple fibroids and adenomyosis which make my womb enlarged to a 7-8 months size pregnancy.
I have applied natural progesterone cream before, and it made me very bloated.
In June my progesterone levels was almost 0,, it was 0.71.

I just wanna shrink my womb, so does the natural progesterone you are recommending able to shrink adeno?
I was using a brand named Natural woman progesterone cream.


Dec 21, 2012
natural progesterone
by: Wray

Hi May With any uterine dysfunction such as hyperplasia, Endometriosis, Fibroids and adeno, oxidative stress is behind it. This leads to Inflammation. Large amounts of antioxidants are needed to reverse the condition, in particular vitamin D. In fact this has been shown to shrink fibroids, see here, here, here, here and here. N-acetyl cysteine should be considered, at a least 2000mg/day. Taurine too at 2000mg/day, this amino acid is low in any dysfunctional uterine bleeding, hyperplasia and fibroids, see here. I see on another page you've posted on here, that your oestrogen was 207pmol/L, this makes your ratio 3.4:1. When I had mine tested it was 5:1 and I was a basket case! I can't imagine how you must feel. It doesn't surprise me in the least you have fibroids and adeno, your oestrogen is way in excess of your progesterone. Oestrogen is an excitatory, inflammatory hormone, causing cells to proliferate. So it certainly increases the severity of any condition. Please have a vitamin D test done, most important. Then you can judge how much vitamin D to take, too little and it will not help. For more info on vitamin D levels, test kits etc see the Vitamin D Council, GrassrootsHealth and Birmingham Hospital. Blood levels should be 70-100ng/ml (175-250nmol/L) and not the 30ng/ml (75nmol/L) most labs and doctors regard as adequate. The minimum daily dose should be 5000iu's per day, although recent research indicates it should be 10,000iu's per day, see here. Continued below

Dec 21, 2012
natural progesterone part 2
by: Wray

Hi May Progesterone alone is not going to help much, the oxidative stress needs to be addressed too. Although progesterone is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, it does need help. There is a list of antioxidants on the inflammation page I've given you. I've no idea how much progesterone you used, but judging by the reaction you had, probably in the region of 20mg/day, possibly 40mg/day? In any condition such as fibroids, adeno or endo, I've found at least 400mg/day is needed. I also suggest using it daily through any bleeding, for at least 2-3 months before attempting to reduce the amount or follow a cycle. We also have a page on How to use progesterone cream. As I've answered your other query here, I'll make a note on that page to read this one. Take care Wray

Aug 17, 2014
by: Adeyemo E.

I have been experience heavy clot bleeding for months before my doctor decided to do scan, they all believed its was fibriod not until when I was open up ( operation) he discovered adenomyosis which he cut little as he can . The bleeding reduce but I still experience pains during period. What can I use because I am 43yrs now with no child( never experience child birth before) what can I use. I know I have hormonal imbalance. Please I need an urgent reply.

from Nigeria.

Nov 07, 2014
by: Maria

Wray, how do we know it's okay to take such high levels of antioxidants? Can you explain in a simple way please? Thank you

May 26, 2015
Adenomyosis, fibroids, the usual...
by: Annony

Hi Wray:
I have the same story as others... adenomyosis with a big fibroid, enlarged uterus, estro. dom. etc. etc. My gyno said the only option is hysterectomy and synthetic hormones and those simply are not options at all. I have been reading extensively on the subject and have concluded that you and Dr. Eckhert seem the most "obsessed" with estrogen dominance, therefore the most knowledgeable.

One big difference is that you tout the NAC, taurine, Vit. D, etc. for fibroids/adeno. and he touts Fibrovan for them; (along with a very restricted lifestyle). Would like to get your feedback on both options. Have you used Fibrovan/nattokinase at all?

Dr. E. suggests that herbs like lavender and aloe vera are estrogen producers in the body and to refrain from ALL xenoestrogens and phytoestrogens, both synthetic and herbal. What say you?

And what do you recommend for adenomyosis besides progesterone? Are the treatment for fibroids and adeno the same??

Thank you for your excellent site. It is invaluable, really.

May 28, 2015
Adenomyosis, fibroids, the usual... Part 1
by: Wray

Hi there I have no need to use Fibrovan as I don't have, and never had Fibroids. Although they do say we all die with them, discovered or not. Normally fermented soy food is ok, as the enzymes and the fermentation process appear to alter the phytoestrogen content making it non viable. In the case of nattokinase, this is the enzyme extracted from natto, a fermented Japanese food, and has obviously no soy in it at all. Nattokinase has fibrinolytic activity, i.e. it prevents blood clots from growing. Clots are formed from fibrin, so it is possible it could help the fibroids. Although I can't find any studies on PubMed or Google Scholar regarding it's efficacy against them. Nattokinase also has anti-hypertensive and anti-platelet properties, a couple of studies have been done on this aspect. This page here says "....people today use it for reducing pain and treating a number of other disorders such as chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, uterine fibroids, infertility, cancer, muscle spasms, beriberi and hemorrhoids. However, it must be remembered that these usages are based on anecdotal reports..." Both the EGCG and the lycopene are antioxidants, but I don't know if they are specifically good for fibroids or not. Lycopene is normally given in doses of 8 to 30mg/day. Incidentally 250ml of tomato juice contains 23mg lycopene. One study on tumour growth used 50–100 mg/kg/day EGCG. Extrapolated this would be 2500-5000mg for a 50kg woman. As the fibroid is a benign tumour, far higher amounts than that given in the Fibrovan would need to be taken, see here. No harm will come of taking it, but probably cheaper to drink tomato juice, eat natto and take the EGCG! Or just take the nattokinase itself. I have found that larger than normal amounts of progesterone are needed if a problem is severe. It's essential to take antioxidants too, to have a Vitamin D test done and get the level up high if too low. The NAC, taurine etc are essential too, these are potent antioxidants. It's well and good to say "refrain from ALL xenoestrogens and phytoestrogens", but it's impossible, we'd all be eating rocks and living on another non polluted planet! There is not one food that is free from phytoestrogens, even meat contains it. Oestrogen, the phytoestrogens, and many oestrogen mimics, have a triple bonded or phenolic A-ring. But the phytosterols don't have the triple bonded A-ring, one reason labs use the phytosterols to make progesterone from. Continued below

May 28, 2015
Adenomyosis, fibroids, the usual... Part 2
by: Wray

Hi there The following paper lists in descending order the phytoestrogen content of foods, with nuts and oilseeds having the highest content, see here. All oilseeds contain phytoestrogens. The USDA Food Composition site is an excellent resource. It's best to get the full report, see here. This paper gives a comprehensive list, see here. Phytoestrogens are impossible to avoid, even in animal products, see here. Even olive oil contains lignans, see here. This is another on lignans here. Although these are regarded as potent antioxidants, they are still phenolic substances. Coconuts have the lowest level of phytoestrogen content of all nuts, but they still contain some, ferulic acid and p-coumaric acid. Although I'm against soy in particular, all legumes contain high levels of phytoestrogens, plus trypsin inhibitors, phytates and goitrogens, see here. Grains are just as bad, see here. I'm not convinced by the favourable studies, as there are just as many unfavourable, see here. So all grains and legumes should be avoided. One of the most potent oestrogen mimics is zearalenone, produced by some moulds such as Giberella and Fusarium. Zearalenone is a mycotoxin causing infertility and abortion in animals, especially pigs. It is heat-stable and found worldwide in grains such as maize, barley, oats, wheat, rice, sorghum and bread. All of which we eat too, it's not just animal food. So where does one draw the line?! Kaylana has some good info on phytoestrogens in meat, see here, scroll down to 'Phytoestrogens in animal products'. This is another success story regarding adenomyosis and progesterone, see here. Thanks for the kind words. Take care Wray

Oct 19, 2016
my own experiences
by: Jenny

I'm a 30-year-old woman, presented with a 5 year history of infertility, and one prior IVF attempts with no doctor told me that the adenomyosis was the cause of the inability to conceive as the ends of my both fallopian tubes were blocked. and she prescribed me the herbal therapy fuyan pill, one of the tubes were unblocked within two months and I went on to conceive soon after that, and recently gave birth to a healthy full term baby girl.

Nov 10, 2016
by: Anonymous

Please I need your help

Dec 04, 2016
by: layla

i have been following this blog for a while now and today i felt like i should share my story because i was a victim too. I had endometriosis for 18 years and i never thought i would ever get a cure due to the terrible symptoms i had and this made it impossible for me to get pregnant even after 12 years of marriage and it was a serious issue.

I got to know about Dr. Aleta who treated someone and the person shared a story of how she got a cure and let her contact details, i contacted Dr. Aleta and she actually confirmed it and i decided to give a try too and use her herbal medicine that was how my burden ended completely. My son will be 2 this December and i am greatful to God and thankful to her for medicine too. If you have (Endometriosis, PCOS, Fibroid, Ovarian cyst, Ectopic Pregnancy or any infertility issues) just reach her, she has professional advise and a cure too.

Dec 06, 2016
Natural Treatment for Adenomyosis
by: Anonymous

I know there are many ways to cure adenomyosis naturally, one of which can be Fuyan pill which is TCM. I have a friend who was diagnosed with the disease finally recovered because she used the medicine, so I reccommended it.

Feb 21, 2017
by: Olivia

Hello everyone,
I've just been diagnosed a couple of days ago with adenomyosis, fibroids, polycystic ovaries and just made the progesterone deficiency test suggested by you on this site, my score is 54! I would be very thankful for your advice regarding where to actually start from.
thank you so much

Jul 02, 2017
Endometriosis & Adenomyosis
by: Swati

Hi Everyone,

I am suffering from Endometriosis and Adenomyosis since 2010. Two attempts of IVF got failure. At present I am in St.Louis. Can anyone please suggest a good Doctor for Adenomyosis and Endometriosis treatment and also Creams?

Thank You.

Sep 21, 2017
Adenomyosis/Endometriosis Treatment
by: Anonymous

Swati, check out - this is the link to the world renoun St. Louis Infertility Clinic. I also have adenomyosis, and I am presently considering a procedure that they offer, known as the Osada procedure, for treatment of my diffuse adenomyosis. This is just one of the procedures that they offer and they encourage consultation. I would encourage you to check their website and give them a call - perhaps they may have a treatment that would be agreeable to you.

Sep 25, 2017
Endometriosis and Adenomyosis
by: Joy

Hi Swati, Olivia and Anonymous

May I suggest that you read Wray's post further up on this thread dated May 28, 2015. She explains in detail all about Endometriosis and Adenomyosis and how to treat it. Please read all the links that she provided as they will help you.

Take care.

Nov 05, 2017
by: jhonle doloriel

How can i cure my adenomyosis?

Please help me not to undergo surgery.

Nov 06, 2017
by: Joy

Hi Jhonle Doloriel

Adenomyosis is very similar to Endometriosis and both are caused by oxidative stress. If you read this thread, especially posts by Wray you will find out how to deal with the inflammation and what is needed.

Take care.

Nov 20, 2017
by: Anonymous

Plz help I am suffering from adenomyosis, I need help, I live in Nigeria. Excessive bleeding every month, mummies playing help me

Dec 19, 2017
by: mrs

any body here please answers my question?

Dec 21, 2017
by: Joy

Hi Mrs

Please read posts made by Wray on this thread, she explains in detail what causes adenomyosis and how to deal with it.

This protocol has helped so many woman who suffer, you might consider trying it.

* NATPRO Progesterone Cream - 400-500mg per day.
* N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC) - 2000mg per day.
* Taurine - 2000mg per day.
* Vitamin D3 - 5000iu's per day, more if vitamin D3 level is low.
* Bioflavanoids - 1000mg per day.

Take care.

Mar 29, 2018
get rid of my adenomyosis
by: anita

Hi, I was told I have Adenomyosis. I'm so tired of the irregular bleeding and very heavy bleeding. I've tried all the birth control possible. It's draining me. I recently bought vitex, tumeric, and calcium and magnesium. Hopefully they work.
What exactly can this product do to help me?

Apr 04, 2018
Get rid of my Adenomyosis
by: Anonymous

Hi Anita

Endometrial tissue is highly sensitive to both estrogen and progesterone. Unfortunately estrogen is an excitatory hormone, stimulating cells to grow, whereas progesterone is calming and prevents their growth. Please consider trying the protocol mentioned in the comment above as well as comments by Wray. The protocol will also help with your heavy bleeding. Progesterone therapy is not an overnight fix, it can take between 2-6 months before benefits are felt.

Please make sure that your Vitamin D3 level is at optimal range which is between 70ng/mL.

Jul 06, 2018
cure with herbs
by: Anonymous

I'd like to share my success story with natural remedy: I had advanced adenomyosis was causing me to have the most excruciating pains every month and very heavy bleeding and of course a chronic anemia. The first GYN I saw said the only option was to remove my uterus. At only 24 my left ovary and Fallopian tube was removed due to endometriosis. After 4 years I had adenomyosis and right fallopian tube blocked. Always wanted to conceive but never been pregnant because adenomyosis was grown that I never had dimensions. My period came and was very heavy with clots - lasted 5 days and stop for 2 - came back again medium heavy for another week. I started taking Tranexamic acid for 5 days, Nature's way DIM-plus, four (4) capsules once a day. I also took the Pure Life Essence for Women, also 4 capsules once a day. I mix apple cider vinegar and water and take it twice a day and didn't work, it minimizes flow but comes back again, my Doctor gave me progesterone 200 mg and I kept's took me 3 weeks of bleeding; I looked very pale and felt weak - missed a couple of days at work. The Doctors I see all recommends hysterectomy. You know what stopped the bleeding?? Reading online came across an article about Doctor Ronnie's herbal medication for adenomyosis... I took it twice a day, and bleeding stopped. This is what works for me. I hope it helps someone else. I am 6 months pregnant now expecting my baby soon.

Jul 08, 2018
by: Anonymous

HI, thanks for all the information you guys are submitting, I'm interested in it all I was recently diagnosed. For the woman who found relief with dr ronnie, how do I find him? I tried to do a google search but didn't find anything. Please help I was just about to start my pregnancy journey, unfortunately even though they just found it and it may not be as advanced I'm 42. I know your busy dealing with your pregnancy but please take a moment to provide the information. thanks

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