Natural Progesterone Cream and Weight Gain

by James

Does the use of natural progesterone cream lead to weight gain?

My wife used Pro-Gest for about one month but when she checked her weight, she discovered that she has added about 4kg. Although, she also used FertilAid for Women & Perfect Curve Breast Enlargement capsules & cream at about the same time, we are not really sure which of these is responsible for the sudden weight gain.

Can you please educate us? Many thanks.

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May 27, 2010
Natural Progesterone Cream and Weight Gain
by: Wray

Hi James. Progesterone can initially cause weight gain, as it activates the oestrogen receptor sites. This does reverse once progesterone becomes the dominant hormone, but it depends so much on the amount she's using. Often the dose is too low, so it merely keeps activating the sites. For progesterone to be effective the amount should be between 100-200mg/day. For more info please see here.

Many of the herbs in both the products your wife is taking have oestrogenic properties. Although they are not as potent as oestrogen itself they can nevertheless stimulate breast tissue, which I don't believe is a good thing. Oestrogen and only oestrogen stimulates breast growth, it also stimulates fat cells and causes water retention, which causes weight gain, this is because oestrogen is a mitogen. There is far too little vitamin D in the one product. Over 50% of us are deficient in this, and a good dose is 5000iu's/day, for more info please see here. For more info on using progesterone please see here. Take care, Wray

Dec 14, 2010
natural progesteron in lagos.
by: nini

Dear james, where did you purchase the natural progesteron cream? I live in lagos. Pls help.

Jan 02, 2011
natural progesteron in lagos.
by: Wray

Hi Nini If you can't find any cream in Lagos, you can get it online here. Take care Wray

Dec 20, 2013
natural progesterone cream causes weight gain
by: lizzy

i use progesterone cream,ovabooost and fertilaid for women nd i noticed i av added so much weight

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