Natpro and soya ingredient

by r

I'm a bit confused by the soya ingredient in Natpro, since soy is estrogenic. Why is this safe, if I've had a very estrogen receptive positive breast cancer? And, regarding a related post, are yam derived progesterone creams not effective in supporting the body's production of progesterone? It seems Natpro is not based on yam?

Thank you for clarification. I am using a highly rated yam cream but if it's not effective (because it's derived from yam), then I should switch, it seems. Thanks!

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Sep 10, 2010
Natpro and soya ingredient
by: Wray

Hi R There is so much confusion about this issue I can see I'll have to do a web page on it! It matters not which plant is used, and in fact many, many plants have phytosterols which can be converted into progesterone. As these sterols have a similar molecular structure to progesterone, they are used as starting points for it's bio-synthesis. This is then further broken down to oestrogen, testosterone, cortisol etc for use in HRT, testosterone replacement, cortisone etc. The final product cannot contain anything but progesterone, if it did it could not be classified as progesterone and would not be given USP approval. So if the cream you are using contains progesterone and it's helping you then continue using it. I've found between 100-200mg/day progesterone should be used to be effective. For more info please see our page on How to use progesterone cream. Take care Wray

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