My tour with progesterone! (A good story)

by Cheryl
(Lawrence, KS USA)

When I was 51 I went through menopause and had hot flashes every hour; at least 3 night sweats per night, my ears rang constantly and I was gaining weight like crazy. I found Dr. Lee's book and then I found Wray. I used 200 mg of progesterone for 2 years, because if I didn't I would have a hot flash.

I want everyone to know that I only have to use 20 mg of natural progesterone a day, but I make sure I use 40 so I can use it in the morning and evening. I have no more hot flashes and I am finally losing some fat. I run 3 - 5 miles every day with my dogs and feel great!!! Oh, but if i ever have a sore muscle or a bruise or a sore joint - I always put progesterone on it..

Thank you so very much Wray.

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Nov 01, 2011
My tour with progesterone! (A good story)
by: Wray

Hi Cheryl Bless you for the kind words! I'm so, so delighted. And more so that you're using progesterone as it should be used. As and when needed, with a high amount to begin with. It really does pay off. In fact I was amazed to read a comment from a recent post, that a doctor in Ireland had put his patient on 400mg/day progesterone suppositories. You might like to read it yourself, as in Fiona's own words ?I had absolutely no side effects. They are supposed to cause constipation and this has always been a problem for me. Weirdly, when I take the progesterone I feel great, have more energy and my bowels are regular!? See here. Her doctor had evidently not told her about the benefits of progesterone. But what thrilled me the most was confirmation yet again that very high amounts when first using it do pay off. I might change my advice and tell everyone they should use 400mg/day to start with! Thanks again for your support! Take care Wray

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