My life has been changed

by Coty

My whole life I have had a variety of issues that I could just not figure out and had accepted as just part of who I am, everything from anger, anxiety, being unable to connect with my children, insecurity, social anxiety and so on.

When I turned 28 I went on TRT and it did make a huge impact initially however I began having issues with estrogen conversation and all the awful things that leads to. After extensive research I came across your page on progesterone and read everything, since I have began progesterone I have never felt better.

All the things mentioned above and much more have completely improved. I'm up to 300mg progesterone cream a day and I know this is more than the recommended 100mg but I believe I've had estrogen dominance my whole life and the more progesterone I take the better I feel.

Thank you so much for this website it has changed my life.

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Jan 06, 2020
My life has been changed
by: Justine

Thank you for sharing this beautiful message.
So happy to hear how it has benefited you!
Warm wishes

Jan 11, 2020
How long did it take to see results
by: Maria

Hi I am wondering how long it took for you to see results? I just started this and I am experiencing terrible symptoms of anxiety and confusion and brain fog. I am on day three. I have also suffered with anxiety and panic attacks. I have gotten numerous tests done and they all came back with low progesterone. I am just curious how long it took for you to feel better. Thank you.

Jan 13, 2020
by: Coty

Initially I began with only 20mg per day which did relieve some anxiety but not to the extent that I had hoped.

After reading the articles and recommendations on this site I increased it to 100mg per day, the first day on the higher dose I was euphoric and had never felt so good. Then the high estrogen symptoms returned for a few days at which point I pushed the dose up to 200mg and all the issues went away.

I am now up to 300mg since the more I take the better I feel. I know it seems counterintuitive but what saved me was that when it got worse I pushed harder.

You can also look into dietary means of reducing estrogen in conjunction with the progesterone therapy that way even though you are initially sensitized to the estrogen due to the progesterone use you will have less estrogen to be sensitive to overall.

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