My joint pains have gone

by Michelle

I have now finished three tubes of NatPro - I used one tube each month, about 200 mg a day, starting on day 7, because of my joint pains and endometriosis (which was worse at ovulation).

During this time my joint pains have gone, I'm able to run and do zumba, regardless of where I am in my cycle. My ovulation pains decreased each month. And my mood, despite just relocating to a very small town in the middle of winter, has been very positive. And my asthma has been really good.

After my third month I then used no cream until after I ovulated (about day 14). I had realised that using cream from day 7 had been preventing ovulation, so it was good after the three month break to let my body ovulate. And the remarkable thing was that I have had no pains at all - and I've definately ovulated. I'm very pleased.

So now I plan to use the cream from day 14ish to 26. However, I want to check how much cream I should be using. I see many other recommendations are for 40 mg per day. I'm only a small person - and I'm worried that 200 mg a day is too much. Even if I drop it to 100 mg a day - I'm still worried that without seeing a doctor that this might be too much.

Can you reassure me that its safe to use 100-200 mg a day?

And thank you so much for the cream - it really has improved so much in my life. Kind regards.

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Oct 05, 2011
My joint pains have gone
by: Wray

Hi Michelle I'm so delighted the progesterone has helped you. Please have no worries about using 200mg/day, it's very safe. But I don't think you could have been using this much, 200mg/day would mean the tube would last 10 days. There are 2000mg progesterone in each tube. But you say you've been using it from day 7. So assuming you have 26-28 day cycle, this means you used the cream for 19-21 days. If this is so you would have been using 95 to 105mg/day. Maybe you could confirm this? If the amount of progesterone you were using helped, I don't believe you should reduce the amount yet. Please continue as you are, but using it from ovulation, until you feel stable. Only then try reducing, but if I'm right about the amount you're using, I think this is probably your optimum. Progesterone should always be used as and when needed, and as much as needed too. It shouldn't be used as a fixed daily amount. It's use is dependant on symptoms, not on wieght or size. Take care Wray

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