My Beloved Mother

by Justine

I have never really got the point of it all. We are born so that we may die, seems a right contradiction, the Great Conundrum.

But in having read all the amazing tributes to such a great soul, and having experienced life with this amazing woman by my side, my beloved mother, I see the reason for a Life. Death is not an ending, just a transition and the story we write with our life energy and gift is the juice that feeds the universe and keeps adding colour and variation to The Great fabric of Consciousness, helping others who come after us to develop their stories and so add more design to The Story.

To me as her daughter she was my primary, my wellspring of wisdom, my guide, teacher, my love of all loves. She never protected me too much, allowing me the space to experiment and learn and grow my own story with her guidance and beautiful nurturing care.

To see how many she has touched through her incredible and endless research and how many have been helped because of her on their own journey, brings tears of sadness, joy and compassion from my heart to my eyes, and these tears too, come from knowing her condition in these last three years and how she always gave others her time, support, wisdom, knowledge and encouragement even though her own journey was becoming increasingly difficult.

The knowledge too, that some people in this world were out to copy and destroy her and her business, breaks my heart. And yet she forgave and pushed on regardless of their negative projections, because to her it was not a business, but a sharing of her soul with an integrity and selflessness that I have yet to recognise in another. Knowing who she really was, she deserved not one ounce of malice, manipulation nor suffering, but this life does not allow angels to be treated differently to murderers and that, I guess, is one great lesson.

Though I will miss her beautiful face, and sparkling eyes I feel her presence so strongly that I am left in a state of acceptance and sad peace assured that she has moved to a higher realm of beauty and joy.

My beloved mother, Wray, you are a realised soul of pure light and this World is all the better for the colour and wisdom you have woven here with your story of Wrayness.

My undying love and gratitude for having known you.


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Mar 02, 2017
by: Lindsay Salthouse

I was devastated to hear of Wray's passing - I met her only a few times in Simonstown and held her in such high regard. Wray was one of the sweetest, most genuine people I have ever met and her natural and inner beauty shone and embraced anyone who was in her presence. She was indeed an angel on earth.. I enjoyed email correspondence with her over many years ...she was always there and available to chat and help, and never kept me waiting for a reply, no matter what was going on in her own life. I will never forget her incredible commitment to helping others, her loving and caring heart and her gentleness and compassion which she always showed towards helping anyone who came across her path. Rare qualities and she had them all. RIP special lady.

Feb 05, 2017
My Beloved Mother
by: RJ

Hello Justine!
Beautiful pictures! Mom and I always "talked" about our daughters with much laughter and joy. I have said for some time she is God's Angel to not just women, but men also. It didn't matter your sex to mom, it was a soul who needed help and she felt it was her God given duty to help them. She did it with a passion and love that is beyond words.

Justine, there will always be those out there who are and always will be unhappy. The only time they find some happiness is when they are making someone unhappy. I fought many a person who came on this site bashing Wray. I would then email her privately and we'd stew and then finally laugh over the incident. It wore her down and many times she thanked goodness for Joy helping her out. Those people will just continue on to the next topic or person. You can't change them and yes, we can be so very angry at those people for saying such mean things when we knew their words were so far from the truth. Now, thinking of all our conversations I know why she went on her safari trip. If only I had known back then, I would have never asked her to help me.

I will miss her so much and our conversations. There is a higher power, Justine, and He called her home. She is going to head up the group called "Loving Souls". She will always be with you as...she is are her. Memories will never be forgotten and she will continue to guide you throughout the remainder of your life. Her light hasn't died. She will continue to be a beacon for we people who looked for help when there were no others to help or listen. We will continue her voice as will all her words and research. She was always there and ready to dig in. As her soul lives in eternity, so does her knowledge and love to all those still present on this earth. It is something that will never change and must continue to live on.

May God show you peace and understanding during this sad time. You are correct in that we are born to only die. But it is so much more than that. It is a test that we are worthy to be part of the Kingdom of God. Your mother made it. She had the qualities the Lord was looking for! And that, Justine, is a celebration of life eternally!

God Bless to you!

Feb 05, 2017
My Beloved Mother
by: Carol K

Hi Justine. I am so sorry for your loss and for the loss of her other family members and friends. I never met your mom but had personal contact with her and she really was an Angel on this earth. She never once sold Natpro, but recommended Progesterone. Even when people criticized Progesterone, she never told them to try her product, she just kept on encouraging them. I hope that her work will carry on through Joy and that others will help her to keep Wray's message alive. No-one and nothing can help with the loss of a loved one but go forward in the knowledge that she was a very special lady and that her time on this earth was a gift to so many. Big hugs.

Feb 04, 2017
My Beloved Mother
by: Joy

Beautifully written Justine, you described your mom perfectly as only you can. Sending lots of love and light your way.


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