Must use more Progesterone!!

by Sharon
(Canton, Ohio, USA)

Hi I am 50 years old. I went to a medical doctor who specializes in hormonal issues through bio-identical hormone therapy. I was having weight gain issues and was very frustrated with still having major PMS problems as well as aches and pains. I saw site and read that I should be on at least 100 mg-200 mg progesterone cream starting out to decrease the Estrogen Dominance I had experienced. My doctor only recommended 25 mg every other day which did not help me whatsoever. I am now doctorless as she stated that since I would not follow her treatment plan, she no longer wanted to have me as her patient. Oh well! I am currently taking 60 mg of natural progesterone cream b.i.d. amounting to 120 mg every day. I am feeling so much better. I also take 8,000 IU of Vitamin D3 every day as I live in Ohio and we have little sun this time of year.

I am so very appreciative of Wray's website here and glad I trusted it to do what I needed to do for myself to combat the Estrogen Dominant problems. I have just started this increased dose 4 days ago and have already lost 2 pounds. And I also apply it to my abdomen and thighs, the places where my the estrogen dominance has made me bulge!!

I am very excited to review the new Vitamin D cream coming soon.

Thanks again Wray. If I can promote this product in my area, please let me know how. I have several girlfriends who are watching me as I am the pioneer for the group. They are all having hormonal issues but are afraid to stray from "traditional physicians" Guess I am just a rebel!!

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Dec 17, 2014
Must use more Progesterone!!
by: Wray

Hi Sharon Thank you so much for your support. Such a pity your doctor dismissed you, just because you had different thoughts. There has to come a time when they listen to us, many are which is a good sign. Pleased you're taking 8,000iu/day Vitamin D, we are all so deficient now, working all day indoors as we all do. Incidentally the abdomen bulge is due to an increase in visceral fat caused by testosterone, see here and here. Interestingly the menopausal ovary is an androgen producing organ, see here and here. I wish I could say the vitamin D cream was being produced, but we've had so much on our plates at the moment, not least trying to keep up with production of our cream. Please be aware that it's not a quick fix, you've responded so well, but you can hit a glitch later on. Our page on Oestrogen Dominance will explain it. I would be delighted if you wanted to join us in spreading the word about progesterone. If you scroll down the right hand menu you'll come to "Health care practitioners and therapists", click on the link below. Take care Wray

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