by Lisa
(Maryland, USA)


I am 22 years old. I took a drug called Spironolactone when I was 15. One month later, I developed seborrhea in my eyebrows and lost all of my eyebrows. ALL of them. My head hair is fine. At age 21, I started to lose my pubic hair.

Iron cured my seborrhea. But, my eyebrows are still gone.

All of my tests are PERFECT. I have seen them myself, and nothing is wrong. Even vitamin D is in the upper range. I however did find that my estradiol to progesterone ratio is only 22 in a salivary test.

1) Can spironolactone lower progesterone? I can not find anything.
2) I've used 100 mg of progesterone cream a day in my luteal phase. But,...absolutely nothing.

How long will this take? Should I even be using progesterone cream? My periods are clockwork - every 33 days. I never have PMS or any other symptoms most women go through. My main concern is eyebrow loss.


Please help.

Thank you.

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