I stopped menstruating at age 51. Symptoms were not bad at all. Just some heat generating from the top of my head.
The many years proceeding menopause were hell. PMS was a nightmare: sweating from moderate to high humidity, mood swings,heavy periods with clots. Life was miserable at that time so the so-called menopausal stage changed my life very little. My estrogen has been considered high all these years and only lately is it decreasing. About two years ago my orgasms went from okay to fantastic for a few months I was wet whenever I thought about a particular actor. Then as quickly (3 months) as the intensity started, it began to decrease gradually to the point that I now cannot have an orgasm at all. I want to have sex, I become very aroused and lubricated but not even close to an orgasm. I have been masturbating for many years after having give up on men who all seemed to be the same person in a different body. I'm ready to try again but have to be very careful of the red flags. I don't think the problem is psychological because I really want to get to know a man and have a sexual relationship for the first time in way too many years.
Should I try progesterone? The test shows that I do need it.
Please advise me.
Denise Perretta

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