Ms R Sharma

by Rachna Sharma
(London UK)

Hi Wray, I am turning 40 in just under a month and have under gone a total histatectomy at the age of 36. I am on HRT and thyroxin. I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at 36 and am one of the lucky ones as still here.

I have gone through a life time of PCOS and always been given drugs to help but to no luck. After the years of being proded and tested I am at my wits end. Having read you emails I am hoping you could help me with living with menopause and try to feel like a women once again. Thank you.

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Aug 09, 2011
Ms R Sharma
by: Wray

Hi Rachna I'm astounded you are on HRT after having had ovarian cancer. PCOS is an inflammatory disorder, a lack of vitamin D being one of the main contributors. Cancer too, a lack of vitamin D is found in over 20 different cancers, see here. These are excellent videos to watch too, see here, here and here. A lack of vitamin D also contributes to thyroid disorders, see here and here. You live in the UK where sunshine levels are low, leading to low vitamin D levels. Please have a test done, see the Birmingham Hospital website, they now do a test for £20. And these papers here, here, here, here, here and here. I do believe progesterone would help you too, as you'll see on the PCOS page. It has been used successfully in some cancers too, see our page on Cancer and progesterone. If you should consider trying it, please see our page on Menopause which gives info on how to use it. But before doing so please see our page on Oestrogen Dominance. Take care Wray

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