MS Donna

by Donna K.
(Ocean County New Jersey)

Dear Wray~~~~First I certainly resonate with your story; as a woman now in her late fifties; I suffered enormously About 15 years ago, when no one could find a solution to the "insanity"...
Symptoms presented in peri -menopause, and then menopause; I exhausted every avenue ; food, all kinds of supplements ; accupuncture; even Zoloft and Prozac. My gynecologist at the time only suggested Pro- gest, which actually exacerbated the emotional symptoms.
So a miracle, ten years in, I find a doctor who does blood tests, and is promoting the benefits of Sotto~Pellet therapy ; used in Europe ; these are pellets surgically inserted under the skin of buttocks, estrogen and testosterone. I'm in. Very expensive. And within 3~5, days all symptoms of incredible depression cease; my energy very good and I feel like myself back at 30-35. The downside would be the expense and once the pellets are in ; there is no taking them out; a gamble. I trusted this doctors expertise and reputation.

The caveat ; is they were not the best in communicating when progesterone would come in; pellets were to last 3 months; mine lasted at least 6 months. On my second round I experienced in the second month a very very heavy menstruation that lasted almost 30 plus days~~~ very heavy, ( prior to this I hadn't had a period in 6 months); I was asked had I been taking progesterone, (?), no I said I wasn't aware I was supposed to~~~~ (someone dropped the ball); so I began immediately with bioidentical progesterone cream ; from a local compounding pharmacy; high topical dose; 4 days later the period ended never to have another period again. Ended menses at 50. I did the sotto pellet/ with bioidentical progesterone cream one more insertion, ( 3 in total), and then stopped due to expense and general uncomfortability of this method.

Ok so here my question and thank you for indulging all this info.~~~~~my doctor then suggested I just use topical creams; from a reputable compounding pharmacy. One syringe is biest / testosterone, cream 1.25 mg( 80;20), / 2 mg/ ml. (Testosterone , USP ( micronized), Estradiol USP Micronized.; ), Applied 1/2 ml. twice a day. Second syringe, Progesterone ( from Yam), 20 mg/ml. 1 ml twice a day.
I first notice , you suggest, I believe, not to use estradiol, and second not to use progesterone made from yam~~perhaps not as effective . I'm glad I came across your info., as I've been using on and off for 4-5 years, and I don't experience much relief other than a slight increase in libido when I do use. I am 9 years into menopause; exercise several times a week and eat pretty well, but recently have had bouts of those incredible crying spells that I used to get in my early 40's...PLus.... The creams are not inexpensive; I stretch out to at least two months;.( as it could easily run $100.00 a month). ( not covered by insurance).
And then I see your progesterone product at a reasonable $25.00.../ per month. Wow! What are your thoughts of the bioidentical compounding pharmacies and doctors promoting purchasing from them ? ~~ especially if, as you have noted, the ingredients are not up to par, and/or , are inaccurate perhaps?

My last question; would I need to supplement with an estrogen cream or testosterone cream ( for libido) ? Or just stay with the progesterone? Would love to lift my mood, libido and occasional mind fog.
Thank you very much for your reading, and for this very informative website. Whatever info I can forward to any woman suffering from these symptoms ~ and looking for viable/ reasonable solutions; I
am certainly glad to do. Sincerely Donna K. NY/NJ.

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