Mrs. Gillis

by gina
(flint, mi, usa)

Why isn't there a contact us provision? I had a question that has not been answered by your FAQ and no one has answered me back, it's very frustrating.

Here is my question: how long does it take for progesterone to be absorbed into the skin upon application? An hour? 1/2 hour? How soon can one take a shower after applying this cream? The reason I ask this is because I take at least two showers per day, I work out at a gym and I want to know what's the time frame between applications? I do not want to wash this cream off my body and thereby cancel out the benefits, should I wait at least a couple of hours before my skin gets washed?

My schedule changes each day, that's why it would be nice to know, otherwise, I'll be defeating the whole purpose of this therapy.

Please someone get back to me, I sure wish you just had one main website to help those with questions you haven't already addressed.


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Oct 02, 2014
Mrs. Gillis
by: Wray

Hi Gina We do have a 'contact us' link, it's at the bottom of every page on the website. We also have a live chat on our order page. I'm puzzled you say no one has answered you back, have you submitted a comment before? We can't answer every question asked, we get so many, often from users of other brands. Progesterone is usually absorbed within a few minutes, but it depends on the carrier. Very thick creams will hinder the absorption. We've found the progesterone in our cream does get fully absorbed, see Saliva Tests Take care Wray

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