Mr Rashidpour

by Chiya


I will really appreciate if you could help me about the below question.

What would happen if a pregnant woman took 200 mg proestrone at the moment? does it cause abortion? (in fist month of pregnancy)

The progestrone injected IM ( 4 ampules each contains 50 mg progestron)

If not, does it have any side affect on the baby?

Thanks alot

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Jan 29, 2012
Mr Rashidpour
by: Wray

Hi Chiya No, progesterone is vital for a successful pregnancy. It would appear you are at risk for a miscarriage, as it's always given for this, or pre-term births. We make over 400ng/ml during the third trimester, there's more info on progesterone on our Pregnancy page. Injections are painful, suppositories or a cream are far pleasanter to use, and just as effective. Please have a vitamin D test done, this is also vital for a successful pregnancy, in particular for the growth of the foetus, see here, here, here, here and here. These are excellent videos to watch too, see here and here. For more info on vitamin D levels, testing etc see the Vitamin D Council, GrassrootsHealth, Birmingham Hospital and Vitamin D Links websites. Blood levels should be 70-100ng/ml or 175-250nmol/L and not the 30ng/ml or 75nmol/L most labs and doctors regard as adequate. The minimum daily dose should be 5000iu's per day, although the latest research indicates it should be 10,000iu's per day, see here. Take care Wray

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