Mother, Doula, Granny-mid-wife

by Muina
(New Mexico, USA)

I have nine children. I would like a coupon to minimize the initial cost of progesterone. I am coming off antidepressants, Ambien and Lortab. I have eight living children.

After the birth of my ninth child, I had a complete hysterectomy which left me hysterical. My husband divorced me after my eldest son was sentenced to death row in Texas. Karl was executed on June 11, 2008. I've had diabetes since my second daughter was born. It was not diagnosed for 15 years. Through a blood transfusion in 1969, I contracted Hep C. It was not diagnosed for 20 years. My dr. did not support my getting off anti-depressants... have been off for one month now. I have been off Ambien for 3 days and although still sleep deprived, I do feel better.

Chronic back pain for 25 years. Drs prescribed morphine, Lortab. I am not taking pain meds every day and look forward to the day I may get off. I also hope to stop injecting insulin. Blood sugars hitting 550 are now down to 200 with adjustments in food and exercise, but fatigue and cravings still plague me. This particular progesterone assistance has been highly reccommended. I look forward to telling about how this therapy works for me.

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Jul 14, 2010
Make sure that you are cautious
by: Anonymous

I have to say that you have many heath concerns. I am not sure that the magic cure would be progesterone therapy. I am not sure why you want to d/c your mental health medications. In a way I see mental health medications the same as a prosthetic device a person would use if they were missing a limb. I am in a ph.d program in psychology and I believe mental illness gets a bum rap. I would seriously reconsider the types of medications you want to stop or have stopped already, because I am not sure progesterone is the magic cure.

Jul 18, 2010
Mother, Doula, Granny-mid-wife
by: Wray

Hi Muina You have had a dreadful time, but as the anonymous comment says, please don't think progesterone is the magic cure you are after. It will certainly help with some of the problems you have, and should have been given after the hysterectomy. There are many nutrients which help depression, please see our web page on Anxiety. It is possible to reverse diabetes too, please see Raw For 30 Days. Progesterone can help with fatigue and cravings, but yours are related to the disturbed blood glucose. Behind diabetes is insulin resistance, which means little fuel is getting into the cells, this is causing the fatigue. For more info on IR please see our web page Insulin Resistance. When you do start the progesterone, please make sure the amount you use is between 100-200mg/day. If you use too low an amount it will merely stimulate oestrogen production, which then causes adverse symptoms to occur, please see this page on Oestrogen Dominance Take care Wray

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