morning after pill

by Anonymous

Dear Wray,

I was doing great on my progesterone at 10-20 mg daily-2 weeks out of month . My boyfriend and i had a problem which put me in such a scare that i took the morning after pill. I got my period early and then the symptoms really started to increase mostly fatigue, mood swings and anxiety- the following cycle. I had to increase my p cream the last two weeks of my luteal cycle to 20-40mg daily. I could not go without it even during my period which was 5 days late.

I took the pill on 4/4
period on 4/18
that cycle was okay, usual.

This one was rough-
5/1 or so had to increase dosage as i said above.
period late 5 days
have not been able to take p break for 2 weeks as usual.

Question is- Did that pill slam me right back into estrogen dominance and side effects???

I have been a psycho-emotional wreck with anxiety constantly for the past 14 days.

Please help

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May 31, 2012
upped dosage again
by: Anonymous

Dear Wray,

I upped my dosage yesterday to 100mg p cream throughout the day. I got relief which was great because other anxiety supps like 5htp and gaba made the anxiety way worse. I know you say to use 100-200mg daily but that is usually too much. I am not so psycho today. By evening last night, i about felt normal and the breathing-sighing and shallow breaths got better. I wanted to have nightsweats last night after my last dose but didnt-i could feel my body on the verge. It's been 8 hours since that dose and i'm not sure if i should dose again so soon but i'll see how the morning goes. maybe i'll try 10-20mg. what would you say??? i'm super curious.

I still would love your input and your opinion on that 'pill' i took and it's effects and how long those effects hang around...

also, when i get to a stabilising dose, what do i do during my period and how do i decrease?

Hope you find some time to get back to me and if so, thanks in advance. It means a lot to me right now as my own hormone doc is insistent on never going above 20 mg.

Jun 03, 2012
forgot to ask you
by: Anonymous

Hi Wray,

Do you know if adrenal cortex glandulars help anxiety if the anxiety is adrenal fatigue? There are so many differing views on the supplement. I know that Wilson says that the cortex extract helps to normalize adrenal function and Lam strongly argues against them unless it is a mild fatigue as they can be overstimulating. It's so confusing.

I'm only on day 2 of using the supp so i'm looking out for signs. So far I'm not racier but not sure as i said i wake up a bit racy in the a.m.

Any clues would be great.

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