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by B

Hey there, Wray! I hope you are doing well. Thank you again for the wonderful advice.

I started the tyrosine supplement on Tuesday. I purchased the lowest dose B3 I could find - took it without reading the instructions and broke out in a flush. : ) I was in for an experience and was a little red on Valentine's Day but all in all - doing pretty good. I am only taking 250 of Tyrosine in the morning. Should I be taking more throughout the day?

I am having two nagging issues. The first and most annoying is this pain behind my eyes. I have always thought it was thyroid related but I have definately noticed it more during the last 2-3 weeks. Is it possible that my eyes are just dry or is this a sign of something else? The second issue is what appears to be dandruff. I know people with psorasis can have dandruff. All my other skin issues are getting much better since I increased the Vitamin D but I still have a thick coating of white stuff on my scalp. If I scratch it with my nails, I get a bunch of white stuff under my nails. So gross.

Anyway, any guidance you can provide will be much appreciated. Your help thus far has been absolutely incredible! I have joined and gym and started running - I'm feeling that great! Is there any way I can return the favor?

Thanks again!

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Feb 19, 2012
More Questions...
by: Wray

Hi B I'm so sorry, I forgot to mention B3 comes in two forms, niacin which causes flushing and nicotinamide which doesn't! The flushing is not dangerous, and it does open capillaries. Niacin reduces cholesterol levels, because of it's conversion to nicotinamide in the body. If you can't bear it, please get the nicotinamide. I remember a very funny incidence that happened to me. A friend being kind, mixed up a shake for me, and put in 1/2 tsp! Well I had to lie down for about 3 hours while it wore off, I looked diseased! If you find the tyrosine is not doing much, increase the amount. Just do this slowly as too much can cause the very symptoms it's being taken for. When this occurs, reduce to the amount you were taking, and that should be continued for a few weeks. Another prolactin test will reveal if it's helped and you can stop it. You say the pain behind your eyes has been worse in the last 2-3 weeks, is this since increasing the progesterone? If so then it is related to excess oestrogen, as increasing progesterone also causes oestrogen dominance symptoms. Do let me know. And have you increased higher than the 100mg/day you were using? As I really believe you need more. I also hope you're rubbing it everywhere, and not just on the thin skinned areas!. I would hope with time that your scalp will heal, and stop producing so many dead cells. Both vitamin D and progesterone are the most potent anti-proliferating substances. One reason they help psoriasis, which is nothing more than cells proliferating excessively. I mentioned hair follicles absorbing the progesterone well. Please consider a strange suggestion I have! One weekend, when you have no visitors, massage the cream into your scalp. Then wrap a very hot wet towel round your head, taking it off when cool. I've no idea if this will help, but I do know rubbing pure vitamin E into the scalp, plus the hot, wet towel, helps a dry scalp. I also know rubbing the progesterone directly on to any painful, achy or wounded area it works much quicker. I also have a male friend who uses the cream as a hair conditioner! I'm so happy you're feeling so much better! And bless you for offering to help, all I would ask you to do, is tell people about vitamin D and progesterone. There are too many people suffering needlessly, and all for a want of vital nutrients. Take care Wray

Feb 19, 2012
Coconut Oil
by: CamperKat

RE: the "cradle cap" psoriasis issue...consider using coconut oil. It has anti-bacterial qualities and super-moisturization properties. I think you will find that if you rub it into your scalp every night for a couple weeks, probably less, that you will have significant reduction of your "dandruff"--if in fact, it is not cured. must avoid all shampoos that have lathering sulfates in them--these are detergents that strip all your natural oils, and your body then tries to compensate by making more sebum/oil and that can cause sloughing skin issues such as you are experiencing. RE: shampoo brands--I've tried the all for my husband who had a similar issue as you--and suggest the Jason brand dandruff shampoo--non-lathering, works great. Alternate the Jason shampoo with the "Beautiful Curls" brand of shampoo/conditioner, with shea butter and coconut oil. They make 2 kinds, the "enhancing" and "activating" variety--get the "activating"--much more moisture. The conditioner is "leave-in"...I didn't want to risk leaving it in--and the stuff was great just as a rinse-out, but I now use it as a leave in after I shampoo/condition, and use it on the midshaft-down of my hair. Beautiful Curls also makes It's available at Whole Foods and on Amazon. It's made for African Americans but we are White and we use it--my husband has straight hair, I have slightly wavy--and this stuff is a god-send...all natural--and I mean ALL NATURAL ingredients--and super-moisturization without grease and no silicones. Amazing stuff, incredible for the scalp and hair. I can't sing the praises of this stuff enough, because I have spent hundreds trying to find an all-natural product that can moisturize without stripping or being greasy. Note it contains magnesium sulfate--but this is not the lathering kind of this use, it contributes to hair body. Anyway, Beautiful Curls shampoo and conditioner costs about $10 for each 12 oz. bottle.

I've been using it for about a year now, for all moisturization/hair/cooking needs. The eczema on my elbows/knees is gone, my hair looks much healthier, and coconut oil makes a killer fried chicken--and NO I don't eat a lot of fried foods, but I used coconut oil for everything I cook.

Also...I'd do what Wray suggests--use Natpro on the scalp, and then alternate it with the coconut oil--obviously use Natpro during the day, and maybe sleep with the coconut oil on your head wearing a winter ski-type skull cap.

Feb 19, 2012
Coconut Oil / Part 2
by: CamperKat

continuing on...

You can get coconut oil at most grocery stores--get the kind that is virgin, cold expressed/pressed and not refined. It looks like Crisco when it is cold, and like liquid oil when it is warm. Needs no refrigeration, can stay on the counter year 'round and will be fresh for up to 3 years--remember, it is a tropical product. As you may know, it is a medium-chain trigylceride, actually thermogenic--which means that although it is "saturated", it is a good happy fat--it helps your body burn fat.

The Whole Foods 365 brand is $9 for 15 oz. Oh--and you can eat it, too--and use it instead of all other oils for your cooking needs. It really is remarkable.

And the positive about alternating it with Natpro is that it absorbs so quickly into your skin that you don't really have to worry about washing it off before applying Natpro.

Good luck!

Feb 19, 2012

Forgot to tell you this...after much nutrition research over the past year, I've learned a great deal about "real" food, vitamins, supplements, fiber (grains are really REALLY bad anti-nutrients--get your fiber from veggies and fruit only)...and...guess what has now been proven to be an effective cure / reducer of auto-immune disorders like thyroid/Hoshimoto's, rheumatoid arthritis, eczema, Crone's, IBS, etc?


Yep. Remember the old saying "listen to your gut"? None of us did--we listened to the USDA/FDA etc. instead, telling us to eat whole grains (grain products are subsidized by the government) for our digestion--which absolutely destroy the good flora in your gut--and which block absorption of all that calcium, iron, magnesium etc. we've all been taking for our bones.

Grains contain phytic acid, and the indigestible insoluble fiber in grains causes inflammation in the intestines, resulting in bloating, gas, pain, and an inability to absorb nutrients. The U.S. has the highest per capita consumption of grains and dairy products--and the highest rate of osteoporosis. Grains block nutrient absorption, unless they are sprouted prior to consumption, which releases the phytic acid (phytic acid is what causes grains to grow) and when was the last time you ate sprouted oatmeal? Archeological studies of neolithic man have shown the bones and teeth of agriculture (grain growers/eaters) societies were shorter and more brittle and cavity-ridden than that of paleolithic "cavemen"--who did not have the grinding technology to create edible grains, and who subsisted only on meat, fish, vegetables, limited fruit and very small amounts of some nuts and seeds.


Feb 19, 2012
Probiotics/ Part 2
by: CamperKat

cont'd get your guts working again, to reduce inflammation and to absorb the nutrients your body needs to fight auto-immune disorders, take probiotics. Probiotics are bacteria that your intestines need to digest food--this is what you need, not grain fiber.

Do your own research--go on the internet, type in "probiotics arthritis" or "probiotics eczema" and watch what turns up. Real studies (I don't have time to post links now, if you're interested, let me know and I'll forward the links) show that in a 2 month study, rheumatoid arthritis sufferers had a 28% reduction of pain and inflammation levels. The study only lasted 2 months, but if they'd had the funding to go longer, they'd be able to post the follow-up results: after continuing probiotics for a total of 6 months, rheumatoid arthritis symptoms and blood markers had returned to near normal levels. Inflammation is systemic--that's why people who have bowel disorders almost invariably also have other issues like fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis--or "milder" things like chronic joint pain (me).

So...after much research, I started taking probiotics...powder form, the refrigerated kind, a brand that has multi-types of bacteria that make your guts function properly, so you can absorb nutrients, reduce inflammation. I take Nature's Way Reuter, about $17 at Whole Foods or online at Amazon. It says to start with 1 teaspoon--that's a lot. I started at 1/4 teaspoon, mixed in with cool water (heat kills bacteria) and you MUST TAKE ON AN EMPTY STOMACH because digestive acids will kill the probiotics. Wait an hour after taking the powder before eating. You'll have some minor flatulence for a couple days, but your bowel movements will start to go like...smooth moves! No kidding, you start to get action quickly. After 5 days, increase to 1/2 teaspoon per day, then after another 5 days, go to the full 1 teaspoon.

Inflammation, joint pain, eczema, thyroid issues will start to abate one by one, with skin being the first to improve, joint pain second...takes about 3 weeks to start to see a marked difference. Keep taking it, do not eat those horrible inflammatory--and enjoy your life!

Good luck!

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