Miss Soma

I am single and now 37 years old still single. when i reach age 33 i had menopause symptoms as my period is not coming and i have these high temperatures times as i am setting under the sun
i went to the doctor, after doing check up i have the following:
high FSH
high TSH
other CBC and Vitamin D blood test is excellent

she told me that some girls have early menopause and i need to take pills like devastone, climen and femostone to protect me from these symptoms and to gove me progestrone and estrogene hormones which my body needs

i went to several doctors and all of them they say the same thing.

i am now using climent for longtime which casues me big tummy all the time as i am pregnant in 2 months, and the last 3 months as I am using climen 1 tablet daily, i still have blood spots all the time which makes me feel dirty. therefore, i went to a doctor and he told me you need to take double which is 2 tablets daily and in 2 months i gained 5 KG which is depressing

i do not know what to do now especially after gaining these kilos and having big tummy all the time as no replacement for these tablets. I used all of them and they are with no use of feeling normal

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