by Katherine

I am wondering if there are withdrawal symptoms from natural progesterone and if so, how long they last? I was diagnosed with estrogen dominance but, wonder if it's more AFS. Labs in follicular phase (drawn on approximately day 12) .5 progesterone, 153 estrogen(s), 20 cortisol (8 am draw). Also, I have had endometrial ablation but, light spotting on the first day of cycle.

I was prescribed Vitamin B12, folic acid, fish oil, and Vitamin D as well as, 400 mg of natural progesterone cream and told to apply to fatty areas once per day. The first 10 days I experienced severe side effects (nausea, dizziness, breast tenderness, crying, extreme anxiety) with a decrease in symptoms over the next 8 days. By day 20 side effects returned and I was told to discontinue for 1 week and reintroduce each supplement one week at a time. I have been off all supplements for 5 days and natural progesterone for 2. Prior to original symptoms (extreme anxiety, forgetfulness, brain fog) I had experienced several stressful events very close together (death, divorce, home purchase and relocation). I wonder if I have been misdiagnosed? HELP!

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Feb 12, 2017
by: Anonymous

All of the answers to your questions can be answered by this website. You merely have to use the search bar. You were obviously not told about the initial effects of progesterone cream. Progesterone initially stimulates estrogen and vise versa. Your morning cortisol levels actually seem really good. I had a level of 6 on a morning draw when I was really ill. Your estrogen to progesterone ratio on the other hand is very very low. Around what mine was a year ago. I had many of the same symptoms, and some much much worse.

You were only on the progesterone for a short time. Definitely not long enough to see any major results. I would reccomend reading the page on this website labeled progesterone misconceptions. And, I would stick with your doctor if he was willing to give you such a good dose from the start.

The thing people don't seem to realize is with hormonal imbalance you're not going to be magically cured. I have been taking large amounts for a year and it is still slow progress. You need to become informed. You're not going to get well if you just pop in to a forum expecting somebody to give you the magic answer, you need to READ and re-READ and read it again until YOU can converse with your doctor, and be just as informed if not more informed. You are your own best asset to becoming well. Take advantage of this amazing website that Wray (RIP) has so selflessly created.

I don't mean to sound harsh, but these are the realities. Good luck.

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