miscarrying and am on progesterone, what should I expect?

Hi Wray,
I am 42. I should be 7.5 to 8 weeks pregnant, but the US today showed no baby, no heartbeat, and even the sac seemed to not be quite right. The ultrasound tech was worried, because there had been no growth since 4 weeks and I still have not miscarried. I am bleeding like a light period, and have been for 1 week now, but no clots, no cramps, no bright red. I am on 200 mg progesterone vaginal supplements a day I take 100 in the morning and 100 in the evening. I'm afraid. I'm afraid if I continue the miscarriage will never complete, and I'm afraid if I stop it will hemorrhage. What would you advise to do as far as the progesterone supplements?
Thanks for any advice. Don't worry, if things go south I will get to the hospital.

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