Miracle cream

I just wanted to say your product is amazing. I have been using it for nearly two years now, and back in January, two of my boys were in a horror road crash. One escaped with leg and foot injuries, but the other was in an induced coma with shocking head injuries.

I googled in desperation for info about traumatic brain injury, as his brain kept swelling despite two shunts and major surgery. I came across the site of Emory University trials called ProTec (clips on Youtube), and I took my Natpro into the hospital and rubbed it on his arm for three days. His brain swelling dropped within hours of the first application. His prognosis was very bad originally, they didn't think he'd make it, and if he did, he would be so damaged he would never work again and would be dependent for the rest of his life. If he survived the brain swelling and injury, he would be in hospital for at least a year and in rehab for far longer.

The accident was Saturday January 29th, we nearly lost him in the first three days, he was going downhill fast by Thursday morning when I started the cream. His brain swelling went down overnight on Thursday night and he was revived on Friday. He spent three months in hospital, and was back at the gym within a month of coming out. He has just started driving two weeks ago and is looking at going back to work next year as a brick layer.

If that isn't enough, I have just had major spinal surgery and a fusion of four vertebrae with an enormous amount of hardware in my back. My spinal cord was damaged, and spinal fluid was leaking out at an alarming rate after surgery. I was constantly in a puddle of fluid in my hospital bed and the nurses were changing my dressing three times a day. After nearly two weeks of hell, I thought about what the cream had done for my boy, and decided to try it. I had my daughter bring it in and within one hour of applying it, all fluid stopped. My spinal cord began to heal. Now I'm home, I have googled spinal cord injury and found progesterone is being used for that as well.

You have a miracle cream on your hands. Don't ever let it get away. I'd hate to have people rely solely on it rather than proper medical procedure, but wow! I had to tell you what my experiences have been.

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Jan 24, 2012
Miracle cream
by: Wray

Hi there Bless you for telling me this! It brought tears to my eyes. If you had put into our search field ‘traumatic brain injury’ you would have found dozens of references to it, plus many research papers. It’s for me the most exciting find to date, in spite of all the wonderful other benefits progesterone has. I’m stunned your son responded to the cream though, it only goes to show how well the progesterone is absorbed via a cream. Although so many scorn this as an efficient carrier system. The amount normally given for TBI is over 1200mg/day via IV transfusion! And for days to, finally reducing the amount very slowly. They found when reducing it as a drug normally is, ie stopping it, that the patients regressed. I can’t thank you enough for telling me this, and for searching the web for info, and then having the courage to use the progesterone on your son. The internet is such a valuable tool, and yet it’s another area which is treated with suspicion by many. I think most doctors believe it’s filled with rubbish blogs and useless info, and yet all the hundreds of medical journals publish their findings on the web. You might be interested in these papers, or possibly you’ve already seen them, see here and here. Also here. And a new study is being conducted with 1000 people, see here. Donald Stein has been studying progesterone and brain injury for over 40 years now, and published the first successful study on humans in June 2006. And yet hundreds still suffer from TBI and are not given progesterone, I still can’t understand why. This saddens me. Another bit of exciting news for me, was his discovery that by adding vitamin D to the progesterone, it enhanced the effect of the progesterone. The studies were published in 2009, see here, here and here. I have been encouraging people to have vitamin D tests done and to take it for some time now. So I was doubly thrilled when I read this bit of news. This is an excellent article on him by the Wall Street Journal, see here. Continued below.

Jan 25, 2012
Miracle cream Part 2
by: Wray

Hi there I forgot to add the continuation!
Your story too! I knew it had been used successfully in spinal cord injury, but had no idea it would stop the spinal fluid leaking out, remarkable! These are some papers on it, see here, here and here. I can’t thank you enough for telling me this. There are so many who’ve been in the same position as you. With no help or hope from the conventional sources, having to watch a family member die needlessly. If readers were to know they could do as you did, just apply the cream when all else has failed or about to fail, they would take such encouragement. I tried to persuade a friend of mine, who uses the cream herself, to use the cream on her brother in a coma from a car crash. But she said he was in good hands, well he died. Many, many thanks for sharing this with me, you have left me feeling stunned and blessed that you have told me. Take care Wray

Jan 26, 2012
Miracle cream
by: Anon

Hi Wray Thank you for the reply. Please bear with me, I haven't been online very often, but am recovering slowly so I should be around a bit more. Unfortunately I seem to have had a great deal of hardware installed, as they fused four vertebrae and I have a huge cage around my spine. It makes sitting very difficult, but I have had no relapse as far as spinal fluid or spinal function whatsoever. It is just the hardware that makes life so difficult right now. My stepson is recovering rapidly. He and my son have been out and about, going to see Vanilla Ice and going to the gym etc. I did email Emory University Hospital - Dr Wright, who is running the ProTec program and told him what I did. Did you have a look at the clips on Youtube? It's miraculous work. I don't know about "courage" to try it on him, but I think I would have done anything at that point. It was a desperate situation. I am just thankful every day that it worked. I do believe it was the cream, because things were very grim the morning I first put it on, and the swelling dropped overnight, and continued to come down rapidly, whereas there had only been more swelling and more dire news up until then. I do want others to try it, and I wouldn't wish that situation on any mother. If there is a chance it will do something, then who am I to keep it quiet? I am very pro-Natpro after this, and I doubt I would ever use another brand. I have seen for myself what this one does. I am trying to stock up with my limited resources (no normal income since surgery), so that not only will I have plenty for the future, but should anyone I know go through any of these awful nightmares, I will be ready. Thank you for the links, I am going to go through them slowly, as sitting is horrible. I am just, I don't know a good term to use, "ecstatic", "thrilled", "relieved" that my boy is with us, and that I am out of hospital with no more leaking spinal fluid. So, at the risk of sounding like those awfully fake "raves" you read on product sites, I totally believe in the therapeutic uses for Natpro. I have seen them for myself, and my family is whole today because of it. Thank you

Jan 29, 2012
Miracle cream
by: Wray

Hi there I had no idea you would be in a cage, so I doubly thank you for replying. I’m so delighted you’ve had no relapse with the spinal fluid. And of course overjoyed too that your stepson and son are recovering so well. I can’t believe he’s going to the gym too, as it’s the disability which affects them so much. And you didn’t mention you’d written to Dr Wright, there have been many times I’ve wanted to email Dr Stein who did all the initial research, well he still is researching it. And no I haven’t seen the YouTube clips, I must do so, thanks for this tip. I still find it hard to believe the cream worked as well as the IV transfusion. It gives me so much hope for others living in countries who have never heard of progesterone and TBI. You might be interested in saliva tests we run on the Natpro, we know it’s very well absorbed. A naturopath in the UK does them for us, a before and after which is so useful, see Saliva Tests. She’s been prescribing it for 15 years now, plus using it herself that long. So another thanks is due you for the kind comments you’ve made about it! I’m still slightly stunned at it’s success, and how simple too. Rather than stringing someone up with a drip etc. Plus what pleases me more than anything, its readily available to anyone. Emory have patented the protocol for using it, which means only hospitals with enough money will use it, when it eventually gets known. So with this information you’ve given, how many more lives will be saved, or the disabilities lessened. Like you I’m tempted to use the superlatives you’ve used! Although I’ve heard remarkable stories, yours surpasses them all. So bless you for telling us. Thanks seem so inadequate, but I thank you once again. Many blessings. Take care Wray

Feb 01, 2012
Miracle cream
by: Anonymous

Wow, I only just found this, so it must have been mixed up with my other emails that mainly send advertising. I'm glad I was checking my inbox. Have you had any response from my experiences at all? I'm sending links to your site to my friends and other people I am in contact with due to my spinal injury. Just a quick update on my step son, he is starting work for a couple of days a week, which is really exciting and he has been back on the road driving for a while now. He is gaining some of the weight he lost in recovery, and is improving all the time. Awesome stuff. It is truly a lifesaver!

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