HI, I posted somewhere on this site but chose to post here to write my story to see if I could get some help.. I am 35 yrs old and have been suffering with migraines for 10yrs. Also, for about the last 7yrs with chronic body pain. I have tried different things for my migraines as in bioidenticals only for the last 2wks of cycle but really didnt notice much.. maybe not on it long enough or maybe dose not high enough.. the last time I got it checked it was 18.03.. My estrogen was 95.2 and testerone was 7.. This was a few years ago.. I have seen where women were taking progesterone everyday to help there migranes..Since I'm perimenopause I"m wondering if I could try that.. I also have other symptoms of PMS that are bad. I would just like to see if I could get some direction on where to start like brand and dosage and go from there.. Just bought the book by Dr Lee on What your Dr doesnt tell you about premenopause..So I am waiting on that.. But right now I am on birth control hoping that would regulate my hormone fluctuations since I have migranes all through out my cycle and was hoping to skip my period so I wouldnt have to go through those horrible migraines at that time and lessen the amount of attacks I would have..I have read how birth control is not good for our bodies so I want to look into something more natural..Any advice?

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May 01, 2013
by: Wray

Hi there I have answered your other page here. Take care Wray

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