Micronized Progesterone for men

by Dude
(Atlanta, GA)

Prometrium is a micronized progesterone delivered in a penut oil casing. Dr. Rimkus in Germany has studied and tested men for years on hormone replacement therapies. Taking a 100mg prometrium starting in your late 40s seems to help balance the hormone levels and sustain a heathlier lifestyle.

The average hormone depletion for a man between 45-50 ranges between 40-50%. There is a test on Dr. Rimkus's website. It is obvious one you take the test. The cost of prometrium is going up as Doctor's begin to wrap therapie and diagnostics around the treament, which is making it hard to finance for your average man. I have been on a treatment with .25 mg of estrodial (micronized natural based estrogen) and every 2nd day 100mg of prometrium. Both being micronized natural based from yam and soy the body absorbs much better than the synthetic hormones.

The results are incredible. My testosterone levels have been evident in my sexual drive and my skin has improved. The therapy is a long term therapy and the results sometimes take months, but they do happen. My digestive track is working much better and I sleep through without urinating in the middle of the night. I can only recommend it.

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Aug 28, 2010
Micronized Progesterone for men
by: Wray

Hi there Progesterone is excellent for men, we have many using it. I'm so pleased it's helping you too. It is an anti-inflammatory, so helps with prostate inflammation, and therefore difficulty urinating. It helps with sleep too, as it raises levels of serotonin, the precursor to melatonin our sleep hormone. And it does increase libido too. In fact there's evidence that it's progesterone and not testosterone responsible for this. Please see here and here. Oral progesterone is not the best delivery system, as most of it gets destroyed in the gut and liver. Injections, suppositories and creams are preferably, for more info please see our page on Progesterone application methods. I don't believe anyone needs extra oestrogen, there is evidence that as it increases over a man's life it affects the prostate adversely. Please see here, here, here, here and here. We all have too much anyway from oestrogen mimics in the environment, please see the website Our Stolen Future.

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