Mercury poisoning and in me, created replacing-remitting MS

by Elizabeth
(los angeles)

My mercury poisoning is predominantly from dental amalgams (and one Hep B shot with thimerosal).

I just have a question or two...I've been chelating the mercury out for years now and unfortunately still have plenty to go (my most recent test I did at home I was .2ppm mercury) and my biggest symptom for me is my poor sleep.

Now enter hot flashes/night sweats...I'm in excellent shape (5'4/114lbs) from all that I've done to stop the 'incurable' MS/mercury, but now I just had my 50th bday and I need to balance my hormones to stop these night sweats waking me (and bloating/constipation/bad taste in my mouth which just started three days ago).

I've started the progesterone cream about one week ago...but I'm wondering...Does it really take 3-4 months to regain balance? And is Dr. Lee wrong that 40mg is the right dose? I know you've written 100-200mg. How did you decide on that amount? And we don't need breaks if we no longer have a cycle?

Thanks so much.

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