by Laura

I am 53 and have had Hot Flushes off and on for a few years ( sometimes up to 12 a day) I have not had a period now for 2 years. I was put on BIHRT but was given too much testosterone and DHEA, the DHEA was to build the immune system after Cancer in 2012. Anyway my hair started to fall out so I stopped everything.

The bio chemist who prescribed the hormones told me if I stopped everything else, I definitely needed the Estrogen as well as Progesterone no matter what! to balance up the Progesterone. I then spent weeks reading Dr Lee's book again, Dr Ray Peats articles and others. I am waiting for Dr Peats oil to arrive but am not sure how much I will start on.
If this does not work I will try this cream.

I did so much reading to see if we needed Estrogen? no matter? as I was told and after weeks and weeks of research it all sounds like we don't need it at all.

Thank you

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