Menopause, I wish I read this in my thirties instead of 55

by Faye Newman
(Hampton, VA USA)

I lost my virginity and got my first abortion at 21. After that got married and had 2kids with 2 successful non complicated pregnancies.

Then I had nightmares with getting pregnant and to forcefully have babies by my Egyptian husband which got me pregnant even with an IUD. So I kept getting abortions secretly 7 times. I divorced him cause he was unfaithful and wanted to have more babies from other women he was telling me about it from the start. I totally had 10 abortions in my life time. Russian women averages up to 31 times.

This of course messed up my thyroid (I like to add that it might of been the cause from tonsil removal at the age of 9 in 1965) I got the HYPO-thyroid. Then got married at the age of 40 to a 28yrs. old first cousin who was secretly obsessed with me, we were passionately in love and he asked me to have our baby, I said no I'm too old to have babies but went to my Endocronologist and he said why not go for it. Right there he did not mention to be careful cause you're hypo thyroid and could have a deformed baby or to use the prenatal vitamins to ensure save pregnancy. No advise what so ever. I did love him and was pregnant went to the doctor with low income at that time. it was already 21 weeks old fetus so did not get the amnio becasue of its danger to hurt the baby furthermore, just followed my instincts.

Well, 1998 42yrs. old I had a down syndrome little girl with high risk pregnancy but not too complicated, she had a hole in her heart. No problem I said, got her hole repaired by an open heart surgery, she was only 5 1/2 months.old. We did it now she is 13 and she is going through puberty, and overweight with proper eating and vitamin protocol since 2yrs.old. I t's alarming to me cause it can be the case of hormones how it's working for her she just started getting her PMS, but no bleeding yet, (cause my grand-daughters are getting theirs and noticed that they had fat around their belly looked little pregnant ladies then they got their PMS and started bleeding and boom they trimmed down and became so masculine and started acting like boys. Especially the youngest girl who got her PMS at the age of 9. My oldest daughter got hers at the age of 12, so her oldest girl got hers at 12yrs. old too. But with us me (14) and my down syndrome (13).

So I stop bleeding without signs at the age of 52. First I welcomed the hot flashes and the night sweats to keep loosing weight like the termogenics effect, loose fat while sleeping. I said how wonderful and did not care. I went to a DO and he gave me progestrone cream but did not use it dedicatedly when symptoms dissappeared stopped using it so this went on and off for the past 3 yrs. Now since I started noticing rapid aging with me, I know I wasn't hormonally balanced and was worried about high cholestrol low HDL and high LDL and started using iodine/iodide instead of levothyroxine which gave me twitchings all over my body and restless legs syndrome anxiety, depression and uneasy feeling. So that's why we take the iodine/iodide from I also started using their Estro500 and their other progestrone cream and volla! I got PMS wow, the only set back is the price of the creams can't afford it so I just found one healthy progestrone 4 in 1 cream which has the DHEA and the pregnenolone and the progestrone in it. I think that makes sense for me to use. In the meantime I'm on medicaid but can't find the right doctors to go to to resolve my hormonal issues. We the women have to be our own doctors and research and take care of our health, all because we aren't authorized to ask for blood tests.

So I live in Hampton VA and looking for the right Primary care doctors to go to and the right gyn endo specialist woman doctor who can help me with my Hypo thyrodism and with my estrogen and progestrone ratios to do what to feel normal again it's not the end of the world yet you know. I also have gained 25lbs out of the blue. Started using hcg to stabilize my weight. Feel fine except I get numbness in my both hands when I wake up everyday. So we are on low fat diet, organics obsessed, can't eat soy can't eat the vegies that is not good for the thyroid gland. But we are alive and happy cause I live with God's love and worship daily to find inner peace no stress for us. Women just need to learn more about their health but Govt. should force the doctors to the job right instead of robbing people out of simple knowledge.
People go to health care to be healthy and not get sick more and more cause they don't want them to be healthy in a conspiracy theory. This should definitely change.

Note from webmaster: Faye, your final sentence has been deleted as it was both politically inflammatory and off topic. Please confine your posts to health issues. Rather express your political and religious inclinations in other more appropriate fora. Thank you for your understanding

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Jun 28, 2011
10 Abortions!
by: Joy Lewis

Good heavens!!!!!!!

Jul 04, 2011
For profit health care is the problem
by: Anonymous

I can sort of relate to what you are going through. It is so hard to be healthy in a world full of poisons and poisonous greedy health care professionals. Thank God for the internet and sites like this. Keep researching for ways to maintain health, there are good people out there who really care. Exercise, filtered water, organic vegetables is one way. People need to wise up and demand non profit health care. Gynecologists who do unnecessary hysterectomies and cesserian births are one of the reasons health care for women is so expensive. It seems that when it comes to embryos and fetuses, people have Christian compassion, but when it comes to people already born, who are really sick and can't afford care, the same Christians follow Ayn Rand. We need to point out the contradictions. If it wasn't for greedy people, we wouldn't need government.

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