Menopause caused my itching

by Katie

I am a 54 year old post menopausal woman. When I stopped my period at 51 I started itching and it hasn't stopped. Some of my symptoms were: hot flashes, chronic insomnia, loose stools or diarrhea, itching, no libido (none!), vaginal atrophy and pain with intercourse.

I am very fit and trim but my skin hangs from my thighs and upper arms and I have jowls and puffy eyes. I was started on BHRT in July: vaginal estriol and testosterone and sublingual BIEST 5 mg./150 mg. progesterone, 1.25 mg. testosterone per day. I started sleeping and hot flashes stopped immediately. But my breasts hurt. In December I read Wray's emails and I stopped my BHRT. Now I am only on progesterone cream 40 mg. twice per day. I still sleep and no hot flashes but the itching, no libido, atrophy, stools, and hanging skin are still a problem. I'd rather not take other hormones because my sister died of breast cancer in August. Can you help? Thanks so much.

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Jan 02, 2010
Menopause caused my itching
by: Wray

Hi Katie. I'm pleased the progesterone only has helped. As you only stopped the BHRT in December, it will take time for the other hormones to stop having an influence. I've generally found it takes about 3 months before progesterone takes effect. Please use some of the cream in your vagina every night, this should help.

I also feel you need a higher dose, it's easy enough to reduce once symptoms abate. I suggest anything from 100-200mg/day, divided morning and night. You might need the higher dose initially. If your vagina still troubles you, you could try some of the estriol vaginal gel again, but without the testosterone. The itching and diarrhea sounds like candida to me, has anyone suggested this, or checked it out? Progesterone is beneficial for this and is usually low when it's a problem, whereas oestrogen exacerbates it, please see this web page. There are research papers you might be interested in reading on the page. Take care, Wray

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