Megestrol therapy in a woman over 60

I have had extensive vaaginal bleeding over the past year. I have had numerous vaginal ultrsounds, biopsies and two D & C's. The final outcome was thankfully not cancer of the Uterus (so far they tell me)but was told by my doctor that I have too much estrogen and low progesterone. I was prescribe Megestrol therapy - start 2 pills a day for 2 months and than drop to 1 pill per day.

However, I am severely overweight, smoke and have had significant hair loss over the past year. After reading up on this pill IT CAUSES WEIGHT GAIN OMG... and it is given as a weight gain supplement.

I have severe abdominal hernias due to a burst appendix several years ago and had hernia surgery which did not work. it is painful to stand too long as it is... I cannot gain more weight.

Are there alternatives to this drug... and will it assist with my hair loss?

Please help... I don't want to continue to take this drug and then have severe side effects.. They talk about heart attacks, high blood pressure, weight gain etc etc.

Please help

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