Measuring Natpro cream

by Louise
(London, UK)

Hi Wray, I recently read from one of your blogs a very good way of measuring out the cream from the tube, but didn't make a note of it. I have varying sizes of teaspoons and do not want to make the mistake of having too much or too little.

Can you tell me how to do this? And how much progesterone is contained in, say, a 1" size squirt of cream straight from the tube.

Many thanks.

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Aug 07, 2010
Measuring Natpro cream
by: Wray

Hi Louise It's very difficult to say how much is in a 1" squirt, as it depends on how hard you squeeze, and how quickly you move the tube backwards to allow for the squeeze! But very approximately it's just over 1ml, so probably about 40mg progesterone. Spoons used for tea etc do vary considerably and should never be used for measuring. 1 standard teaspoon is 5ml. It's best to get a measuring spoon for cooking, these come in 1ml up to 5ml, or 0.625ml (1/8th tsp) up to 5ml. Alternatively you could use a 5ml medicine measure from a chemist, these are also graded in ml. 1ml of the cream will give 33.3mg progesterone. Having said all that, it's best to go by symptoms as the judge of how much or how little you need. If symptoms are still present more should be used until they've gone, then reduce slowly. Take care Wray

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