Manic episodes are more severe than ever

by Eloise
(San Diego)

I have ordered the progesterone cream and am trying to remain hopeful. I feel I am out of options. I have been diagnosed with bi-polar and believe it is a misdiagnosis. The symptoms present exactly the sam except for one huge difference. My symptoms occur like clockwork at the same time of the month - not every month though but based on my logs that I have been keeping, depending on the amount of stress I am under will decide if the symptoms are severe.

Please advise me that I may be on the right track with this, I have battled it since puberty and has worsened since having two children. I also drank a lot of soy milk in place of milk for about 3 years.

Symptoms include hysteria, paranoia, suicidal ideation, hopelessness, rage and fatigue.

Thank you!

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Mar 10, 2017
Manic episodes are more severe than ever
by: Carol K

You sound like you have had a terrible time. I am not a doctor, nor do I know much about Bi-polar disease but I do believe you should follow your instincts, which seem to be telling you that this could very well be hormonal. The clue here is the time of the month. If you are going to go with using Progesterone, which I highly recommend you do, then I suggest that you take high doses and have enough on hand, so you do not run out. This is not the kind of thing you can stop and start. You will need a lot and will need to persevere for months. Maybe one of the other ladies like Joy can give you better advise. Good luck and hang in there. You seem to be on the right track :).

Mar 11, 2017
Low vitamin D levels??
by: Anonymous

I would like to add to the comment above that it is crucial to have your Vitamin D level checked. It must be in optimal range, between 60 - 100ng/ml. Vitamin D can help with depression! Also Magnesium!!

From your description, it does indeed sound hormonal. It usually is and people don't realize this and are put on anti depressants, etc., all of which only exacerbate the problem.

Vitamin D is a natural anti depressant. I used to have terrible mood swings before periods, oh my! That was many years ago and I wish I had known about progesterone and having my Vitamin D level in its optimal range. Also, Iodine is important. Bear in mind that when first using high amounts of progesterone symptoms may increase a bit, but that is only because initially the estrogen gets stimulated. Progesterone must become the dominant hormone. If you use too little progesterone that can make things worse.

Please have patience. Don't give up.

Feb 16, 2018
Did it help?
by: Christina

Dear Eloise.

I, just like you, have a monthly 'break down' where I'm all over the place. I now have three relationships fall apart because of my erratic behavior. I am therefore very interested in hearing if you used the creme and what you found.

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