Male age 63

by Steve

I took your Progesterone quiz and scored a #1, but was borderline #2.

I am a very healthy male, age 63, 6'1", 185lbs, non-smoker and I eat very healthy and drink little alcohol. Exercise 5X per week.

I recently had many labs done to assess my hormone situation. Here's my results:

Total Testosterone: 965 ng/dl
Free T 10 pg/ml
Pregnenolone 74 ng/dl
DHEA 219 ug/dl
Vitamin D 50 ng/ml
DHT 86 ng/dl
Estradiol, sensitive 32 pg/ml

I was taking 10,000 iu/day V-D3 and have increased it to 20,000 iu/day.

My main complaint is I have low libido. I can get an erection but not with great confidence.

I would appreciate any help you may be able to provide.

Many thanks,

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Apr 08, 2018
Stop Dairy
by: Anonymous

The best thing you can do is to stop eating dairy. It worked for us.

Apr 10, 2018
Stop Dairy
by: Anonymous

Re: Previous comment about stopping dairy and weak erection. I forgot to mention that it took about six months for the situation to resolve. I guess it takes that long for the arteries and veins to clear out the clogs. We stopped dairy for another reason and received this great result.

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