Making progess but some depression now

by Ashley

I have been having some success with using 400mg of progesterone for my severe anxiety, pnd and pms (see my posts Severe PND and anxiety and PMS and Anyone else out there dealing with postpartum issues). I noticed a difference when I started applying it to my wrists, face, and neck rather than my inner thighs and silly me, I was applying it to my inner arm by my armpit which know is not a good spot. This was probably a cause of some of the relapses I had last month. Live and learn. Since I am using so much cream, I try to rotate which wrist to elbow I use and then use it at night on my face and neck. Can I put it on my palms of my hands too?
One thing that I have noticed is a very strong depression feeling (I am noticing it now that my anxiety is diminished). It is a feeling I have in my gut, like a pit in my stomach and I have very little apeptite. I want to be out and with people so I wonder if it is truly depression? I do have a loneliness feeling though as well which makes me think that it is depression. I exercise 4 days a week now and have no problems getting out of bed. I am wondering if I need to increase my progesterone even more? Also, I have been doing research on the gut being the second brain and I wonder if maybe I have yeast or something that is causing this depression feeling in my stomach? I take 400mg of 5htp too and I think I am going on a yeast cleanse. I also take many more supplements including vit D, etc. Wray, how much progesterone and for how long at that amount did it take for your depression to go away? Do you or have you heard of this "gut feeling" that I am describing?

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Apr 13, 2013
to much progesterone
by: Anonymous

I had had the same issues, according to ZRT labs on myself, too much progesterone not balanced by estrogen causes light depression and yeast infections.

When I reduced the progesterone I no longer had yeast infections and within 72 hours the depression lifted with 100 5 hpt.

we are all different and cannot all take the same amount of progesterone. I have found and I am sure Wray will probably agree, that the progesterone used also depends on how much estrogen in your body you need to balance with progesterone.

Apr 15, 2013
Making progess but some depression now
by: Wray

Hi Ashley I'm a bit confused why you are using it only on those areas. And it seems only using your finger tips. It can be used anywhere, the skin comprises 90-95% keratinocytes and these have ample progesterone receptors, see here. I squeeze some out on my hands, rub them together lightly, then apply it wherever I feel like! You must be using a huge amount on very small areas which is not a good thing, it's not harmful but just makes it all the more difficult to be absorbed well. The palms and soles absorb it very well. It's excellent for burns, minor wounds, dry vagina and piles. There's more info on our page How to use progesterone cream. The gut is our second brain, why you have that depression there still I don't know. Unless it's a time lag, and now your brain has lifted a bit, the gut is taking it's time to get well. That saying we have 'I felt it in my gut' or 'it's a gut feeling' I think covers why you are feeling it there too. It could well be a bug problem in your gut, these play havoc with our emotions, in fact the whole body. The best thing for it is MCT oil, this comprises 60% caprylic acid and 40% capric acid. Both are anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, although the caprylic is the stronger of the two. It's extraordinarily affective, as it also travels round the body and into every cell. So all pathogens are found. Many of the anti-fungals only affect the gut, and don't pass through the gut wal. MCT oil is also the only oil that passes through the gut wall, and goes straight to the liver, and thence to the cells where it's burnt as energy. It therefore acts as glucose without giving us a sugar shock. By doing so it also kills all cravings. It cannot be deposited as fat either. Because of it's affect on pathogens it can cause a Herxheimer reaction, see here and here. So it's best to start slowly with say 5ml and then work up, it has a slight laxative affect. We do have more info on our Candida page. It took 3 months for my depression to lift, but then I didn't have PND. If your vitamin D is high, and you are taking the nutrients listed on the anxiety page, I don't think you need increase the progesterone. So play it by ear, or gut! Take care Wray

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