Madeleine Willsher, South AFrica.

Hello Wray, I am 70 years of age and have been off of hormone replacement therapy for about 15 years. Recently I heard of the benefits of natural progesterone and that is how I came to use your amazing product.

I have had a full hysterectomy and truly believe that I can benefit from using your product for all the reasons that you mention and especially for improved mental health and joint pains, thinning hair etc. plus I have a thyroid condition (underactive) as a result of taking hormone replacement.

Similarly, like one of your other users, I have developed the same symptoms after two weeks of using you cream, in that I need to pass water all the time. I have to go to the toilet sometimes as much a four times in 10 minutes. I am treating myself with something called Urikleer and that is not helping - I still have this extreme urgency to pass water and sensitivity in my lower abdomen.

I definitely wish to continue using this cream, please advise what I can do about these symptoms. If it does not improve, I may suspend treatment for a while or try an antibiotic (not my first choice). Help please.

Kind regards,

Madeleine Willsher.

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Jun 29, 2015
Madeleine Willsher, South AFrica.
by: Wray

Hi Madeleine I've asked Joy to reply to your query, I'm travelling and on a borrowed internet connection. Take care Wray

Jun 30, 2015
Madeleine Wisshir, South Africa
by: Joy

Hi Madeleine

Progesterone is an excellent diuretic which could account for your frequent urination. I live in Cape Town, please contact me via my website so that I can assist you further.

Take care.

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