Maca Root and natural progesterone cream?

by Karen

Hi Wray, I've been reading Dr. William Wong's site on breast health (Google 'Dr. Wong's Breasts' hee hee) and he recommends a regime of natural progesterone cream, maca root capsules, exercise and sexual stimulation to help women regain their breast shape and size after breastfeeding. Do you know if it is beneficial or necessary or even potentially harmful to take maca root supplements while using natural progesterone cream? If it's OK to use, would you recommend using it like the cream, i.e. for the last 14 days of one's menstrual cycle? Would be interested in any thought you have on the issue. Thanks.

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Dec 21, 2010
Wong's breasts...
by: Charmaine vdS

I would sincerely like to know more about this. How can one's breasts go back to normal after breast feeding. My eldest is almost 17 years and my youngest is 13 years and I was a very good cow! However, the good cow's breasts took the road south towards gravity and left maps all over.

Dec 31, 2010
Maca Root and natural progesterone cream?
by: Wray

Hi Karen I will certainly look it up! I must admit to not bothering at all about my breasts after giving birth, as I had no problems. But I do have friends who lost theirs entirely and became flat chested. So I'm not au fait with helping them regain their shape, but if Dr Wong finds this helps, then do try it. I wouldn't bother with maca capsules though, far too costly. Rather get the powder, it has a slight malty taste and goes well in drinks and shakes. Or sprinkled over food. I use it sometimes, not often as even the powder is not cheap. No need to use it as you would progesterone, treat it rather as an addition to food. Let me know if the regime works! Take care Wray

Jan 02, 2011
Wong's breasts...
by: Wray

Hi Charmaine I love your humour! I've asked Karen to let us know how she fares on the combo he recommends. I have no studies showing progesterone helps breasts regain shape after breast feeding, and none on maca either. Maca is high in carbs 59%, with 10.2% protein and 2.3% lipids. But it does contain the same sterols used to manufacture progesterone, ie campesterol, stigmasterol, and beta-sitosterol. There is no evidence these can be converted to progesterone in the body, but they do have a beneficial affect nonetheless. It has been found that the polyunsaturated fatty acids, macaene and macamide, increase sexual activity and correct erectile dysfunction in experimental animals. But they do not appear to affect concentrations of the reproductive hormones in men who take it. I'd love to know if it does help, as I know many women who would be glad of something to aid their breasts that have gone south! Take care Wray

Jul 13, 2016
Maca does help!
by: Anonymous

I have been taking NPC for 3 months now in order to regulate my periods with no changes in my breasts. I started taking Maca two weeks ago, also to better regulate my periods(with NPC, and within days my husband said, "Your breasts are getting bigger!" I thought they were, but hadn't said anything to him. He noticed on his own. I wasn't aware that was a side-effect. My child is 7. For the first time my breasts look like they did pre-child. I'm a believer!

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