Low Progesterone and 6wks 4days Pregnant

by Chrystie Simons

Here is my history:
(Oct.22/11) CD15 I did the IUI.
(Oct.23/11) CD16 (I temped, used opk’s and logged every morning).
(Oct.25/11) CD18 started 200mg Cyclogest Progesterone depository
(Nov.1/11) CD 5/dpo9 used 10milu pregnancy test w/first morning urine - saw very very light line for a positive test.
(Nov.2/11) CD 26/dpo10 hcg was 6.43 – started the Tinzaparine today. I now take them along with Progesterone, baby aspirins and prenatal at 7:30am every morning.
(Nov.4/11) CD 28/dpo12 hcg was 18.60
(Nov.10/11) CD 34/dpo18 PERIOD DAY - NO SHOW!!
(Nov.10/11) CD 34/dpo18 hcg was 206.69
(Nov.17/11) CD 41/dpo25 hcg was 423.79 and Progesterone was 10.4.
(Nov.24/11) CD 48/dpo32 hcg 1112.20 and Progesterone was 15.30.

Thus far I have NO cramping, NO discharge (put from the depository) and NO spotting. Unlike the other m/c i had everything from at least two/three days after my period supose to come on.

My doctory wants me to have a D&C ..I told him NO!! NOT THIS EARLY!! He is said because I already had three m/c back to back and not lasting pass 8wks this one is doomed. My history has been five pregnancy one birth (son born in 1993; 18yrs old today). I am 36yrs old and hubby is 42.

So instead of fighting with me he increased my dose from 200mg Cyclogest Progesterone depository once a day to 2x 200mg Cyclogest Progesterone depository twice a day/night or 7am and 7pm.

Do you think this will up boost my progesterone and give me a better chance with this pregnancy?

Also, is there anyone else who had low progesterone along with hcg too and had multi m/c?

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Nov 26, 2011
Low Progesterone and 6wks 4days Pregnant
by: Wray

Hi Chrystie I see you've asked this same question on another page, which I have answered. This is the link to that page here. Take care Wray

Dec 08, 2011
~ ~ UPDATE ~ ~
by: Chrystie

Good morning, On Monday Dec.5/2011, I went in for another ultrasound and Beta on Monday, Dec.5/2011 and my numbers did not change and the growth of the Baby Simo remained the same as well. I was 6wk 6days.

I am sorry to say yesterday, Dec.7/2011 I had the miscarriage. I had an emergency D&C performed. It’s odd that I don’t feel depress but eager to start up again. My doctor did perform the Vitamin D test and he told me it was very low but didn't give me the numbers. I had already started taking the 5000mgVitamin D (they are in capsules of 1000mg) when you replied to me last week, so I am going to continue to take them going forward.

Thank you once again for your viable information. I look forward to get my getting pregnant again.

Dec 08, 2011
~ ~ UPDATE ~ ~
by: Wray

Hi Chrystie I'm sorry this has occurred, but do like your attitude. I had 5 miscarriages before having my daughter, each one caused by stress. This drops progesterone sharply which of course causes a miscarriage. Please continue using the progesterone, it's always best to start it before falling pregnant. I think I gave you our page on Pregnancy, but please look through it again. And if your vitamin D level was very low, I would encourage you to take 10,000iu's per day to get the level up quickly. Take care Wray

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