Low level Vitamin D3 and Progesterone

by Rose
(Kona, Hawaii, USA)

Aloha Wray, I stumbled upon your website in my research of vitamin D deficiency and low levels of progesterone. I'm 56 years old and haven't gone through menopause. I've never experienced symptoms several of my friends are experiencing as they are going through menopause such as hot flashes, thinning or loss of hair, facial hair, night sweats and so on. I recently had my blood work done and tested low levels of Vitamin D which I found strange because I live in Hawaii and get good sun exposure and also take 5,000 iu's of D3 each day. My Dr. told me to double my dosage to 10,000 iu's. However as I went through my other tests I noticed a lower level of progesterone (not noticed by my regular MD). I had asked him what do I need to absorb my Vit. D3 supplement better? No response. In my research I found vitamin D3 needs magnesium for absorption. My magnesium levels are excellent. I'd like to hear your opinion on this information.

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Jul 05, 2016
Low level Vitamin D3 and Progesterone
by: Joy

Hi Rose

A missed period for 12 months puts on in Menopause. How fortunate you are not to have suffered those dreadful Estrogen Dominance symptoms, not many can escape them! I live in South Africa and was also horrified at my low Vitamin D3 result. What most people do not realise is that unless one is able to go out into the sun at the hottest time of the day with virtually no clothing or sun protection, then one is usually deficient. Not many of us can do this. The sun or sunshine vitamin is the best form of getting our daily dose. Here in South African and in Australia where there is lots of sun, people have been told to keep well protected etc etc. This is true, but one needs to get into the sun for at least 20-30 minutes EVERY DAY before applying protection to achieve good levels.

I agree with your doctor to double to 10 000iu’s per day, please read the page on Vitamin D3. I can guess why you never received a response though, they want their patients to keep going back. Best I leave it there, but you know where I am heading. Magnesium is indeed one of the most important co-factors of Vitamin D3, but are you taking the other co-factors mentioned on the page? It could be that you need those too. I have also since learned that taking vit D3 in the morning with something oily/fatty is the best way to take it. The oil helps the body to absorb it even more. Cheese or a friend egg in butter are good choices. Personally I found better absorption by doing this.

Magnesium is vital, but do make sure that you take and use oral and transdermal as the Magnesium page suggests.

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