Low Estrogen, Progesterone AND Testosterone

by ashley

I just got a saliva hormone test and it seems all three hormones are low. I take a Progesterone only birth control pill and I think that is what is causing all of my hormones to be low. Will taking just Progesterone cream help raise all my hormone levels or do I need to take estrogenic herbs on top of progesterone cream?

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Nov 10, 2012
Low Estrogen, Progesterone AND Testosterone
by: Wray

Hi Ashley It's odd they should take a test while on the pill, as that will skew the results. All drug bases Contraceptives have the potential to cause harm. They stop ovarian function, so although oestrogen and testosterone are still made, albeit at a lower level, ovulation is usually stopped. This of course means no progesterone is made by the ovaries, our most important source. Unfortunately no contraceptive contains progesterone, only a progestin, or synthetic progesterone. Oral progesterone is mostly destroyed by the gut and liver. So the 'pill' was invented, as the progestins are not destroyed in the gut. I find your last question difficult to answer. For instance do you intend continuing with the pill, plus use progesterone? Do you have adverse symptoms which you feel progesterone will correct? In which case stop the pill, as in all probability that's what's causing them. The two can be used concurrently, but you'd have to use a large amount of progesterone to combat the pill's affect. And why do you need to raise your oestrogen level, are you feeling adverse affects from it being low? Maybe you could come back to me with the answers. Take care Wray

Jun 24, 2014
Second opinion needed
by: Anonymous

I am on my second month of HRT estrogen and testosterone which eliminated all affects of the menopause. The trouble is I have now started bleeding. My doctor has now prescribed Progesterone as well to try and stop the bleeding. Because I have a family history of breast cancer, my doctor gave me testosterone instead of Progesterone, but now he wants me to try 100mg for one week to see if the bleeding stops. I am very concerned taking these 3 hormones together. Last year when taking estrogen only I developed polyps in the uturus lining and needed surgery to remove them. After the surgery I decided to go cold turkey and stop taking the estrogen but my symptoms got so bad I went back to the doctor and went back of HRT, this time including testosterone. I immediately felt 100% better until this bleeding occurred which I have read can last for a long time. Is it ok to take the 3 hormones together and what other problems will likely occur. I am 52 and have been told I am post menopause. My doctor has told me if the bleeding does not stop he will adjust my does of estrogen and testosterone. What do you think? I haven't read a story where someone is taking testosterone instead of progesterone.

Thank you

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