Low Estrogen and Progesterone help

by Robin
(Studio City, CA)

Hi Wray,

I'm hoping you can help. I went on birth control pills a couple of years ago because I had low estrogen and progesterone. I have lots of other issues including hypothyroidism (been on dissected for years and free T3 and T4 are now in normal range ) insomnia, and chronic fatigue. I wasn't sure if the birth control was contributing, so I went off 6 months ago. I gained about 5 pounds and the other issues were still there.

I've been using 1/2 teaspoon of ProgesterAll 2x per day (I believe that's 100 mg) for the last 14 days of my cycle for the past 3 months. My weight continues to increase and I'm still experience extreme fatigue (even though the insomnia is a little better)

I just got my levels checked on day 26 of my cycle. My progesterone is up slightly 1.9 (reference range 3-25) and my estrogen is the same 30 (reference range 30-220)

It seems like you keep saying estrogen dominance is the reason why women still suffer on progesterone cream, but my estrogen isn't going up. It's almost too low. Is is still considered dominant because of the ratio? I'm scared that my weight will keep going up if I increase the progesterone. I'm tempted to just go back on birth control pill since at least then I was thin.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! My doctor doesn't seem to have a clue.

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