Low doses and wieght gain, chin hair

by Jaaziel Heck
(Nevada city ca usa)

Hi, at the age of 35 I started skipping periods for a few months. Then I started heavy bleeding that would not stop. The doctors gave me progestin and it worked until I stopped taking it. I then bled again, took progestin again but this time it did not stop till estrogen was added. It worked, I stopped, Then the heavy bleeding again.

My labs were said to be normal. I did not want to continue on synthetics so I asked my doctor for bio identical. She prescribed a compound of progesterone and oestrogen. It did work to regulate my bleeding. Since I have started on Onas cream but take a relatively low dose starting at ovulation and going until my period. My bleeding is refated but I have gained weight and I have to pluck my chin hair daily. I hate that.

Do I need to increase my dose?

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Dec 10, 2020
Medical check up may help provide answer
by: Sara

I do not have an answer to your specific questions

However, Higher levels of testosterone can cause facial hair to suddenly grow.

A high level of testosterone can occur for several reasons, the most common being polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

Pituitary issues also can cause problems with testosterone levels either high or low.

Although PCOS runs in families, it is unclear whether PCOS is or is not a genetic disorder.

PCOS is closely related to insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome. Although many women who have PCOS focus on irregular periods and fertility, PCOS is a condition that lasts for life.

Dec 11, 2020
Medical opinion
by: Anonymous

I did see a medical professional. I had lab work and a uterine ultrasound. My hormones appeared within normal range and while I had very small cysts on my ovaries the doctor said they were not a concern and would likely go away on their own.

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